Valve announces Invited Teams and Qualifiers for The International 2017

Valve has just announced their list of invited teams for the seventh International, and like last year, only six teams are directly invited to TI7. The teams are: OG, Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Invictus Gaming, and Newbee; all of which have won at least one premier tournament since April of this year.

The format for the International 2017 is a departure from the previous Internationals as there will be no wild card teams. Instead, eighteen teams in total (12 of which will come from regional qualifiers) will participate in the TI7 Group Stage.

All teams in the two Round Robin groups won’t safely move on to the main event though, as the bottom-placing team for Group A and for Group B will be eliminated. The remaining sixteen teams will then move on to the double-elimination Main Event (unlike the single-elimination format used in the Kiev Major).

For the Regional Qualifiers, three teams will qualify for TI7 from China and Southeast Asia respectively; two each will qualify from North America and Europe; and one team from South America and another from CIS will book their tickets to Seattle.

The Regional Qualifiers will start from June 26-29. Here is the list of teams that will participate:


China/Southeast Asia

North America/South America

Before the main Regional Qualifiers, there are Open Qualifiers that will start this June 22-25. Two teams from each region will move on to the Regional Qualifiers, except for South America which will have six Open Qualifier participants.

The International 2017 will be held from August 7-12, 2017 at KeyArena in Seattle. For more information about TI7, the teams, and to sign-up for the Open Qualifers, visit the official International 2017 page.