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The Nationals is Back! Here’s Everything Thing You Need To Know!
It’s back!
Korea’s PROMY Dominates First-Ever NBA The Pacific Pro-Am Tournament
Here are the results of the first-ever NBA 2K20 The Pacific Pro-Am Tournament!
Badass Magic Granny, Lola Tsora Joins Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi!
Nandito na ang Lola niyo!
NBA 2K21: New Shot Stick, 2K Beach, and WNBA Questions Answered by the Devs!
Will the Bubble be in the game? Find out inside!
Gotham Knights: Who are the Court of Owls?
Top Asian NBA 2K20 Teams Set to Compete in The Pacific Pro-Am Tournament!
A new and exciting NBA 2K20 Tournament is set to take the court!
Is the Avengers Game Worthy? Our Avengers Beta Impressions
Can we do this all day?
Costumes, Quantum Masks, and Dingodile! Here’s Why We’re Excited for Crash Bandicoot 4
If I could tell my 10-year old self anything then I’d say “You’ll be able to play as Dingodile in Crash ”
The High Flying, Rim Rattling PBA Basketball Slam 2020 Arcade Edition is Coming to Steam!
Come on and Slam!
I Have No Idea What The Fast and the Furious Game is But I am Going to Play It
I don’t know and I don’t care
Killjoy is Going to Put Valorant’s Meta on Lock
Jump for Killjoy!
Killjoy Has Arrived: We Break Down The Look of Valorant’s Newest Agent
Meet Killjoy, the wunderkind of Berlin.
Someone’s Attacking Jackbox Streamers on Twitch
Quip safe out there, everybody
Hey Listen, Dark Souls with Guns isn’t as Easy as You Think it is
It’s still pretty hard, okay!
WWE Battlegrounds is a Step in the Right Direction for WWE Games
They gonna do it right, playas!
There’s a Fast and the Furious Cartoon on Netflix and It’s Actually Pretty Great
Ejecto’ Seato’s and more, cuz!
It Seemed Like More: Looking Back at the Forgotten Crash Bandicoot Games
Familiar but Not Too Familiar: Valorant Month One Review
How does Riot’s new craze fare?
Today, Tomorrow, Forever: Dame, Zion and Kobe are Your NBA 2K21 Cover Athletes
Mamba Forever
Zion Williamson Ushers In the Future of NBA 2K21 as Next-Gen Cover Athlete
A Next-Gen Game, Deserves A Next-Gen Athlete
Team Pilipinas Dominates FIBA ESPORTS OPEN with Huge 5-0 Sweep
Come on and Slam! The NBA 2K Asian Dream Team Dominates!
Team Pilipinas Roster for FIBA Esports Open 2020 Backed by National Sports Association
Lakad Matatag Muli!
Filipino-Made Games You Definitely Need To Play
Support local games!
You Can Now Pre-Register for King of Fighters AllStars-Final Battle!
Burn to Fight!
5 More Crazy Video Game Controllers You Need See
Just when you thought controllers can’t get any crazier
Our 5 Favorite Friendships from Mortal Kombat Aftermath
DC Animated Has Made a Better Cinematic Universe Than The Movies Ever Did
There we said it
How The Barren, Irradiated Wasteland Of Fallout Is Helping Me Cope
Crawl out through the Fallout, baby
5 Quick Tips to Lead you to Victory in Legends of Runeterra
We have some easy tips to get you started on the path to victory!
Grand Theft Auto V is Free on Epic Games and Its Servers Are Crashing
You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure this isn’t one of them.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Plays Support For Their Community
515 is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s world-wide campaign which is celebrated annually as a festival on May 15 featuring in-game, online and offline activities but this year, due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), all on-ground activities have been converted to online events to make sure everyone will stay at home while participating in a …
5 Most Mouth-Watering Depictions of Food In Videogames
Why did we do this to ourselves?
5 Fun Things You Can Do With Discord Bots
Join the Bot Side, We have Pizza and Birbs
NBA 2K League to Start 2020 Season with Remote Gameplay
Ballin’ Without Borders
Here’s How WWE Games Can Get Good Again
An opportunity to Burn it Down and Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim
Our Favorite Geeky Zoom Backgrounds To Show Your Co-Workers You’re Cool
Being locked in doesn’t mean you can’t geek out!
5 Ridiculous Monstrosities Disguised As Videogame Controllers
That new PS5 controller ain’t got nothing on this.
How The Philippine Video Game Community is Helping the Fight Against COVID-19
These gaming communities are rising up to fight the real life raid boss!
This Year’s Wrestlemania Was Weirder and Crazier Than We Ever Could Have Expected
Puppets, Pirates and a trash talkin’ Undertaker are just some of the weird stuff in this year’s show!
Kevin Durant, 15 NBA Players Compete in First-Ever “NBA 2K Players Tournament” on ESPN
The NBA goes virtual!
5 Open-World Games To Remind Us of The Outside World
Don’t you just miss the great outdoors? With these games you don’t have to!
7 Awesome Online Games You Can Play With Your Friends Through the Quarantine
Hangout, catch fish, and be space ninjas with your buds all from the comfort of your own homes!
Our Favorite Couch Co-op Games to Play with the Whole Family
There’s no better time to introduce your fam to the joy of couch co-op games! Here are our favorites!
How the Lockdown is Giving us the Most Bizarre Version of WWE Ever
The pandemic has layeth the locketh down on the WWE and it got… weird.
Mineski Launches Lockdown Games Tourney to Aid Pandemic Effort
Be part of the bigger battle!
Women’s Month: 5 Amazing Games and the Awesome Women Behind Them
In celebration of National Women’s Month, we want to highlight some of the very best and most talented women behind your favorite games!
Warcraft III: Reforged Review, A Half-Hearted Remaster
The King is Dead, Long Live The King
What Does 5G Mean to Gaming?
5G is just around the corner, but what does that really mean for gaming?
The World of Adorable Home is a Utopia that Runs on Love and We Have Questions
We’ve found the perfect model of utopian society in a mobile game. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be?
Geeks and Gamers Guide: Meet our Resident Gamer/Architect, Lyka Mea!
Meet one of our geeky, gamer guides, Lyka!
Geeks and Gamers Guide: Get a Glimpse into Aaron Atayde’s Geeky Side!
Meet one of your geeky, gamer guides Aaron!
Warcraft III Reforged First Impressions
Not all that glitters is gold
“MGH| UncleJ” Sombilla Captures First NBA 2k20 Philippine Championship Title
Uncle J was ballin’ this weekend
Our 2020 Gaming Resolutions!
We gather ’round the ol’ campfire and ask the GG Network crew what their gaming-related New Year’s Resolutions were.
PH Big Three: Rial, Clark and Custer Rep Country in NBA 2K League 2020 APAC Invitational
We got to talk to the guys about flying out for their hoop dreams
Every Movie We Can’t Wait to See in 2020 And Why
2020 is looking reel good for movies.
5 Entirely Different Videogames Inside Other Videogames
A game within a game. GAMECEPTION
5 Videogames We Can’t Wait To Play in 2020
Wake up, Samurai. We got games to play.
Here’s What An Esports Event is like without Casting
To cast or not to cast? That was the question.
Never Too Late: What it was like to be in the room during that Sibol Dota 2 Comeback
From start to that comeback finish, here are all the emotions from the fifth game of the Dota 2 Gold Medal Match between Sibol and Thailand.
One Attack Away: Dissecting The Craziest Comeback in SEA Games Arena of Valor
And its still not over!
DOTA 2 Patch Released Midway Through SEA Games DOTA 2 Matches
No amount of warding could’ve seen this one coming
SEA Games Esports Organizations: Education Is Key To Combating Negativity Around Esports
These countries prove that the pen is still mightier than the sword even in matters of the digital realm
SEA Games 2019: Esports Makes Historic Debut
Esports makes history once again! Here’s how the SEA Games kicked off its SEA Games Event!
What’s Up With The X-Men
Now’s the perfect time to get back on the X-Men hype train!
Sibol Spotlight | EnDerr – StarCraft II
For EnDerr, walking strong doesn’t mean he has to walk strong alone.
Sibol Spotlight: Jia Dee
Jia Dee is no stranger to competition in Hearthstone, but her actual path to the game involved a lot of random encounters, just like in video games.
Big Updates, FF Tactics Gameplay, and Everything about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius at ESGS 2019
Here’s everything you need to know about the state of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the upcoming War of the Visions!
All the Spookiest Deals from The Steam Halloween Sale!
Prepare your wallets for some spooky deals!
Here Are Our SUPERMANILA Highlights!
Christmas came a little early for comic fans as Supermanila 2019 brought out all the famous Pinoy artists and creators that you’ve read about since childhood!
SUPERMANILA Assembles Legendary Filipino Comicbook Artists This Weekend!
Great comics, legendary Pinoy comicbook creators, toys, and lots more are going to be at SUPERMANILA this weekend!
FUDOH|Fujimura Captures Capcom Pro Tour SFV Asia Regional Championship and other SEA Major Results
Japan’s FUDOH|Fujimura rampaged throughout the Capcom Pro Tour SFV Asia Regional Championship!
Anime Openings, Daigo, And Son of Nobi: All The Best Moments Of Rev Major 2019
The Rev Major high isn’t over! Here are the best things from the most hype event in PH FGC!
Rev Major 2019: LowHigh becomes back-to-back Rev Major Tekken 7 Champion
#AndStill your Reigning, Defending Rev Major Tekken 7 Champion: LowHigh
Go Soul Searching In The Open Water with Fishing and Life | The Download
This mobile fishing sim is making waves.
Gusto Ko Sa Pilipinas: Harada on Josiebee, Rev Major, and More!
Gusto ka rin namin, Harada-san!
Rev Major 2019: JJRockets Boosts To The Top Of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
It looked grim near the end, but JJRockets blasted past XIFL to claim the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trophy at Rev Major 2019.
Rev Major 2019: AMTRS | Score Scores Top Prize in Samurai Shodown
Now that’s what we call a “score”!
Rev Major 2019: JRBata Takes Home The Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Championship
JRBata kept his cool during the intense Marvel VS Capcom 2 finals match and god rewarded with the championship trophy!
5 Great Netflix Shows That Won’t Waste Your Time
Netflix and Chill? Here are our best recommendations!
Great Matches, Great Crowd: 5 Things You Missed In WWE Live Manila
Awwwwww Manila!
Venom Hulk And Other Crazy Things In Absolute Carnage So Far
The Top 5 WWE Finishers in Modern Era
Standard Shake Up: Here Are The Biggest Cards Rotating Out With Throne of Eldraine
Rest In Peace
Here’s The Best Cosplay From Tokyo Game Show 2019!
That TGS Cosplay Game So Strong
Here’s Everything We Know About Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls
What Is A Mobile Game?
5 Things We’re Looking Forward To At Tokyo Game Show 2019
Are you ready for the last, biggest show of the year?
Absolute Carnage: Why You Should Be Reading It
Absolute Carnage Corrupts Absolutely
5 Weirdest Moments of Final Fantasy VIII
FFVIII was really weird, man
10 Hottest Comicbooks You Should Pick Up Right Now
We’ve taken the liberty to compile the 10 hottest comicbooks of the week! Head to your nearest LCS to pick up these blazing hot titles! DETECTIVE COMICS #1010 In part two of “Take Your Shot,” Batman confronts Deadshot only to learn he’s come to Gotham City to enlist the skills of the World’s Greatest Detective! …
Bulletstorm: Duke of the Switch Edition is Out on the Switch Right Now
Hail to the Switch Baby
Path to Adventure Takes Tabletop On The Go | The Download
Swipe Right For Initiative
5 Cool Things We Spotted at The Marvel 80 Years Experience
Happy 80th Anniversary Marvel! Love you 3000!
5 Comicbook Characters That Were Way Cooler In the Live-Action Version
In geek culture circles, it’s pretty much an established fact that live-action adaptations of our favorite fictional characters are often worse than their counterparts from the source material. Most of the time, the best that any fan can hope for is that the TV or Movie incarnation be faithful or at least respectful to the …
AOC Is About To Light up the Commercial Display Market
AOC Monitors has been a leading figure in the Philippine market for monitors in the recent years. Sporting a continuous desire to innovate, AOC just recently their G1 series, along with the G2590PX and G2790PX catering to the burdgeoning esports market in the country. In a press event held at their offices in Ortigas, Pasig, …
The Nationals Spotlight: Poch, Tekken Caster
Bah Gawd! That’s gotta be Poch Spice!
LG Donates State-Of-The-Art TVs To Museo De Intramuros
Hurray for History!
Let’s Be Real, The Avengers Game Isn’t Looking Too Good
Thing’s aren’t looking so hot for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
The Nationals Spotlight: Hot-E, Tekken Caster
Get to know Tekken master caster Ron Muyot!