2017 World Championship Quarterfinals: Royal Never Give Up takes Fnatic down in four exciting games

Royal Never Give Up is the third team to secure their ticket in the Semifinals of the 2017 World Championship!

Both the European third seed, Fnatic and the Chinese second seed, Royal Never Give Up had similar styles throughout the 2017 World Championship. They relied and excelled in fighting as a team. However on paper the Chinese team had the upper hand as they looked more decisive in their victories in the Group Stage.

Like the Group Stage, Fnatic refused to go down without fighting but this time around their heart wasn’t enough to continue in the 2017 World Championship after the hometown favorites took them out in four games.

Game 1

After yesterday’s best-of-five straying away from the Ardent Censer supports, Fnatic and Royal Never Give Up decided to pull it back into the meta that we saw from the Group Stage with Janna and Soraka.

Fnatic opened the game with good pressure on the Chinese bottom lane. This included multiple visits from their jungler, Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen to try and shut down the Tristana. Despite the pressure, the hometown favorites answered with objectives of their own to keep the game close.

Both teams exchanged kills and objectives throughout the early to mid-game but the deadlock broke as Royal Never Give Up took Baron at 26 minutes and took four kills on the back of it. This allowed the Chinese team to take the gold lead, push their advantage, and dismantle the base of Fnatic. After a few missteps from Rasmus “Caps” Winther later in the game, it made the close out easier for Royal Never Give Up 43 minutes in the game.


Game 2

Despite a loss in Game 1, Fnatic opened the draft phase with a Janna pick yet again followed by the Tristana first pick from Royal Never Give Up. The adjustment was the Vayne pick instead of the Sivir pick for the European star AD Carry Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. This pick meant that the Europeans wanted to pressure the bottom lane even more.

Pressure is exactly what they did as Broxah and Caps visited the bottom lane time and time again. This gave the Vayne the edge over the Tristana throughout the mid to early game. Unlike the first game, the Europeans gained an early edge against the Chinese squad because of the early moves.

All this changed at 33 minutes as the Chinese jungler Liu “mlxg” Shi Yu stole the Baron to delay what could’ve been Fnatic closing out the game. Despite an Elder Drake secure from the European, it wasn’t able to stop the Chinese onslaught. RNG overcame a 6k gold deficit and closed out the game in 44:50 after they took down Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and Caps in the bottom lane.


Game 3

Both teams changed up their drafts in Game 3 with Fnatic picking up Tristana in their first rotation. Along with this, they decided to pick up Karma, Gnar, and Malzhar. Royal Never Give Up answered with the Galio + Jarvan IV combo along with Kog’Maw and Morgana for their bottom lane duo.

Feeling the win closer and closer, the Chinese team decided to show their aggressive side in the early game after taking early kills in the bottom lane for their star AD Carry Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao. They used this momentum to transition out of the laning phase and take the lead over the Europeans.

Fnatic held their own and tried to keep the pressure on the hometown favorites with sOAZ constantly pressuring the side waves. Royal Never Give Up refused to let up and found themselves eventually in the base of the Europeans after taking Baron 25 minutes in the game.

After Uzi decided to tank some Nexus tower shots, sOAZ claimed the death on the Chinese ADC which allowed the Europeans back in the game. The Europeans pushed back and took Elder Drake and Baron to return the favor of destroying the base the Chinese.

Mlxg once again played the hero and delayed Fnatic after he stole Baron at 52 minutes. This time around, Fnatic answered with the Elder Drake and a kill on mlxg shortly after to deny the sweep after they took down the Nexus in 54:30.


Game 4

After both teams fumbled leads in the previous two games, they both adapted their drafts. Fnatic decided to put together a relatively low damage but highly tanky composition. While Royal Never Give Up put Uzi on Twitch and their mid laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan Hao on Corki. The Europeans had hoped to gain an advantage in the early game and snowball that into the late game while the Chinese was fine turtling it out and get their items.

Fnatic found just what they wanted in the laning phase after successful ganks from Caps and Broxah in top and middle lane. However, after a counter engage with Corki + Shen in the bottom lane 14 minutes in the game, Royal Never Give Up found their own kills and found their way back into the game. This made the mid game much tougher for the Europeans.

The lack of pressure from Fnatic in the mid game allowed the carries from Royal Never Give Up to farm up and get their items up.

In the end, it boiled down to an explosive 5v5 in the red side jungle of Fnatic at 39 minutes in which ended with 4 kills for the Chinese team that ultimately gave them the edge to close out the game and the series.



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