2017 World Championship Quarterfinals: Team WE defeats Cloud9 3-2 to secure their Semifinals spot

To the delight of the home crowd, Chinese Team WE have secured the fourth and last semifinals spot of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship. The team booked their semifinals spot after winning their Quarterfinals series against Cloud9.

The series was a close one, as WE were only able to win on the deciding fifth game. C9 seemed set on winning after getting a 2-1 lead heading into Game 4, but they were outclassed in the drafting stage by WE in the next two games. With C9’s loss, the last NA hope has been eliminated, and only two LCK (Korea) and two LPL (China) teams remain.

Game 1

C9 started off strong with two kills on Ke “957” Chang Yu and Su “xiye” Han Wei 5 minutes into the laning stage, but WE got a kill on Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong in return. Just two minutes after, C9 got a 2-0 kill trade along with a bottom tower take-down. With their early game wins, C9 built up a 5k gold lead heading into the mid game.

WE were able to turtle and minimize their losses in the mid game though, and it led to the team getting two successful team fights before the mid game. With their fight wins, WE were able to take a 6-5 kill lead, on top of a Baron kill.

By the 30-minute mark, C9’s gold lead eroded, all while WE were sieging their base. WE was able to break through, but they overextended and lost their momentum. The game was on a knife’s edge following the siege, with both teams getting a few kills each for over 20 minutes.

Finally, 53 minutes in, WE initiated on C9 which resulted in a three-for-nothing trade. After winning the fight, WE barreled through C9‘s base, and they won Game 1 with 54 minutes on the clock.

Game 2

C9 bounced back in Game 2, as Juan “Contractz” Garcia and Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen took first blood on xiye 4 minutes in. A few more fights took place in the laning stage, and C9 took a 4-1 kill by the 15-minute mark.

The mid game saw more action, as both teams went on the aggressive to find kills. The kill score was 10-7 in favor of C9 by the 23-minute mark, but the net worth of both teams were practically even. That was until 29 minutes in, where C9 killed three of WE’s champions without losing anyone in the process.

After the fight, the lead swung into C9‘s favor, and they soon ended the game with 18-7 to tie up the series.

Game 3

At the start of Game 3, Contractz and Impact went for a gank on 957 at top, but 957 turned it around with the help of the tower and got first blood on Impact. C9 did get two kills of their own a few minutes after, as Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi got a double kill at bottom.

The first major team fight of the game happened at the bottom 10-minutes in, which ended in a two-for-nothing trade in favor of C9. More skirmishes happened in the minutes after the big team fight, and it was C9 that had the advantage for most of them. Coming into the mid game, C9 held on to an 8-4 kill lead, along with a near-5k gold lead.

Action slowed down a bit in the mid game as WE turtled and C9 extended their gold lead to 8k. WE tried to go for some kills, but C9‘s proved to be too much to come back from, as C9 barreled through their base and won the game under 25-minutes. With their win, C9 grabbed a 2-1 series lead, with the team being only one win away from a Semifinals berth.

Game 4

With their tournament on the line, WE played it a bit safe in the Game 4 laning stage, but they did grab first blood on Impact at the 6-minute mark. Just a few minutes after, WE got two kills on Contractz. Not much action followed after the 3 kills, but WE had a 3k gold lead coming into the mid game.

WE found more kills in the mid game, and they increased their net worth lead to over 6k and their kill lead to 9-1. C9 tried to hold off WE, and while they a few good team fights, their efforts were not enough to mount a comeback. WE ended the game 32 minutes in with a score of 15-6 to force a series-deciding Game 5.

Game 5

The deciding Game 5 had another slow start, as first blood was only taken by C9 at the 9-minute mark, with a kill on Xiang “Condi” Ren Jie. WE responded with a tower takedown a few minutes after, but C9 found more kills 13 minutes in, after a skirmish which ended in a 3-0 trade in favor of the NA squad.

While down 0-4 in kills at the mid game, WE had better control of the map, as they were able to take down 3 of C9’s towers while losing only one. The Chinese team was also ahead in gold thanks to their tower kills. With WE’s lead, they were able to get kills on the board coming into the late game.

WE’s lead ballooned in the late game, and the team found more tower kills. They soon broke through C9’s base with relative ease, en route to a 32-minute Game 5 win. With WE’s win, they secured a spot at the Semifinals, where they will face off against Korean team
Samsung Galaxy.

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