GC Busan takes first place at Overwatch APEX Season 4 Finals

After months of intense and exciting Korean Overwatch action, OGN’s Overwatch APEX Season 4 has concluded. Against all odds, rookie promotion team GC Busan was the team to take home the top spot at the end of the Season, as they defeated Season 2 runner-up RunAway 4-3 in the Finals. The finals series lived up to the hype, as it went to the seventh and final game, much like last season’s epic finals.

The Finals started off with a bang, as Game 1 on Nepal saw tightly contested rounds. Round 1 was won by GC Busan, but RunAway answered in Round 2, taking the second round in overtime. Though RunAway was outclassed in the third round, as GC Busan took home Game 1.

RunAway bounced back in Games 2 and 3 on Hollywood and Hanamura respectively. Game 2 was another close game, as both teams managed to take the final map points in their attack rounds. But RunAway eked out the win on the next set of rounds. Game 3 though saw a much better performance from the Season 2 runner-up, as they defeated GC Busan 2-1.

With RunAway holding a 2-1 series lead, it was GC Busan’s turn to answer, as the rookies took the wins on Games 4 and 5. The said games on Gibraltar and Anubis were fairly close, but GC Busan performed just a bit better.

GC Busan looked poised to win coming into Game 6 on Dorado, as they had the 3-2 series lead. Though RunAway kept their Championship hopes alive by holding GC Busan to only two map points to win the game 3-2. With their win, RunAway tied the series 3-3 to force a deciding Game 7.

The final game on Eichenwalde ended in heartbreak for RunAway, as the team failed to take home the trophy with a 3-2 loss. With GC Busan’s win, they secured themselves the championship for APEX Season 4.

GC Busan’s unlikely win this season, given that they were rookies coming into APEX, is sure to be good news for the Korean Overwatch scene. And it should also be exciting for Overwatch League fans, as the Korean OWL team has tons of talented players to choose from in the country.

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