Worlds 2017: Royal Never Give Up for glory and revenge

Royal Never Give Up is set to exact revenge against the defending champions, SK Telecom T1 in the Semifinals of the 2017 World Champions.

The second Chinese seed, Royal Never Give Up, has had quite the journey to get to the 2017 World Championship. After seeing their 2016 World Championship run came to a close in the hands of SK Telecom T1 in the Quarterfinals, their Korean top laner and support, Looper and Mata, respectively, left the squad. The team has since played with a full Chinese roster. The roster change has given them more success as they finished first in the group in the League of Legends Pro League and second in both the Spring and Summer Playoffs.

They carried over their success and dominance in the Group Stage of the 2017 World Championship as they rampaged through Group C, including strong performances against Worlds 2016 finalists, Samsung Galaxy.

In the Knockout Stage, Royal Never Give Up, continued to play show their strength through team fights against the European second seed, Fnatic. In a series that easily could’ve gone the way of Fnatic, the Chinese team showed superior late game decision making and amazing composure.

They may be up against the defending champions, SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals but this is the best form we’ve seen Royal Never Give Up in. Having lost only twice throughout their 2017 World Championship run and having two of the highest performing players in mid laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan Hao and star AD Carry Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, it seems like the two will have a close and exciting series.

The series against SK Telecom T1 will be the biggest challenge Royal Never Give Up at 2017 World Championship. All eyes will be on Uzi, a man who had faced the Korean titans many times before including the finals of the 2013 World Championship on Star Horn Royal Club. His play has showed more patience than previous years and the Ardent Censer meta just suits his playstyle as a scaling AD Carry. The team will no doubt look to his skill and experience to carry them to the Finals.

If Royal Never Give Up take out SK Telecom T1, they’d have completed their revenge, made history, and booked their ticket to the Finals, one step closer to the Summoner’s Cup. A storyline which many fans and analysts alike would love to see happen. But in order to do so, the Chinese team will have to bring their A game and avoid as much mistakes as they can.


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