Boston Major Grand Final Recap: OG close out the series 3-1 to win Boston Major against Ad Finem

It took Ad Finem all they’ve got just to reach Game 4 after an action-packed, back-to-back Game 3. However, it was the veteran savvy and the better discipline of the OG that closed out the series in 38 minutes of action.

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Ad Finem take Game 3 after 79 minutes of back-and-forth action


Johan “N0tail” Sundstein
Anathan “ana” Pham
Gustav “s4” Magnusson
Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka
Tal “Fly” Aizik

Ad Finem

Omar “Madara” Dabasas
Dimitris “ThuG” Plivouris
Xaris “SkyLark” Zafirou
Verros “Maybe Next Time” Apostolos
Giorgos “SsaSpartan” Giannakopoulos


Game 4 pick

Ad Finem saw their potential with Rubick against OG and drafted it again for this game. They also now feature a pick-off draft around Nyx Assassin + Lifestealer as well as the Mirana support. OG, meanwhile, snagged the Legion Commander from the hands of Ad Finem and were able to take signature heroes for JerAx (Earth Spirit) and Ana (Invoker).

Ad Finem took a lot of awkward engagements that gave a significant lead to OG, especially when JerAx’s rotations were on-point. They were able to secure four early kills for themselves, as well as a successful first usage of the Duel. However, Ad Finem were able to hit the perfect timing on the Nyx Assassin, delivering good infest bombs alongside Madara‘s Lifestealer. Additionally, Ad Finem managed to lift Thug from the fourth place of the gold networth chart up to the first because of ancient stacks in their favor. This resulted to both teams heading up to the mid-game with essentially even farm.

15 minutes into the game, Ad Finem were able to flank OG around the Radiant jungle, and they scored two kills on OG‘s cores. This gave Thug‘s Templar Assassin to secure the Roshan and have enough gold for a Blink Dagger when the dust settled. OG, on the other hand, still managed to even the scales by setting up ancient stacks for their Sven. Ad Finem may have reached a critical mass by 20 minutes — through their item pickups and Aegis advantage — but a good timing on the Duel to lock down Lifestealer + Ana‘s Chaos Meteor helped OG deter their opponent from snowballing. 21 minutes in, it’s still anybody’s game.

Ad Finem then continued to make mistakes with their Nyx infest bombs, even to a point that they were ganking Ana‘s Invoker without true sight. Their failed ganks shifted the momentum well into OG‘s favor, giving them enough space to clear ancient stacks and tower pushes. The gold advantage helped even the supports of OG that JerAx‘s Earth Spirit secured a Blink Dagger. With so much initiation and damage output for the side of OG, they controlled the game and wiped Ad Finem at the 26th minute mark. The end result, they destroyed a whole set of barracks on Ad Finem‘s mid-lane as early as the 27 minute mark, as well as notching a 10,000 gold networth.

Ad Finem looked to stop their bleeding by taking objectives such as Roshan; upon which they were successful. However, OG already have the tools to outclass Ad Finem, such as a Black King Bar for n0tail. This paid dividends for OG‘s side, making it too hard for Ad Finem to even control OG in their skirmishes. 33 minutes into the game, OG were able to catch the Nyx Assassin with the Lifestealer infest bomb unawares, and they were able to kill four heroes (including Lifestealer and Templar Assassin) when the rest of Ad Finem tried to save them. This resulted in to OG destroying another set of barracks in their favor.

Admirably, Ad Finem will try to take the game back though infest bombs, but there weren’t enough damage between Lifestealer and Nyx Assassin. OG will close out the game in 38 minutes, as the rest of Ad Finem fall to OG‘s superior damage and farm. Today, Fly and n0tail take their third major championship — they reunite with the Eaglesong and take home USD 1,000,000.

Game 4 graph

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Team OG to join Manila Masters as 2nd invite

Mineski Events Team (MET), along with ESL, announced just last week a big international Dota 2 tournament that will be held in the Philippines this May. Manila Masters will feature eight teams, and Evil Geniuses was revealed last week as the first invites. Seven days after, The Masters organizers announced that the Boston Major champions OG will be the second team to join the lineup.

OG won their second Major championship here in the Philippines, after a 3-1 victory over Team Liquid last June 2016. They are also a decorated franchise, winning three out of the four Valve-sponsored Major so far, including the recently concluded Boston Major last December. OG expressed their excitement of joining the said tournament by tweeting in the Filipino language: “Excited na kami para sa Manila Masters! Rak na ito.”

Manila Masters, an international Dota 2 tournament set on May 26-28 that will feature eight top teams from around the world to battle for the USD 250,000 prize pool. Tickets are also set to go on sale 7:00 PM today, February 24, at SM Tickets, so watch out for that. Start saving up now because with this, the Philippines will truly become one of the Dota 2 capitals of the world. For more information regarding the event please, you can visit the official Masters website.


Star Series Preview: TNC vs OG to headline Day 1

StarLadder i-League Star Series Season 3 (Star Series Season 3) kicks of today with a headline starring a chance for revenge: OG will open up Day 1 with a duel against TNC Pro Team, the team that eliminated them from The International 2016. Meanwhile, Digital Chaos also gets their second shot against Wings Gaming, as they are grouped together in the Group Stages of the said tournament.

StarLadder and ImbaTV present the third joint season of StarSeries for this USD 300,000 Prize-pooled tournament. This will be conducted Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, Shanghai China, from February 23 to 28.

The group stages will be held from Feb 23 to 24. This is a Double-elimination (GSL) format with matches played in Best of three (BO3). The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

Group A will be consisting of invited team OG, with the Southeast Asia Qualifier TNC, Europe Qualifier Team Secret, and China Qualifier iG.Vitality. On the other hand, Group B consists of directly invited team Wings Gaming, alongside North America Qualifier Digital Chaos, secondary Europe Qualifier Team Liquid, and secondary China Qualifier Vici Gaming.J.

Grand Prize winner will take home USD 135,000, while second placers will take USD 60,000, and 3rd-4th placers with USD 30,000.

The first match for the tournament will be TNC going up against OG, and will start 10:00am local time.


MET, ESL to launch Manila Masters: a $250,000 Prize Pool Dota 2 tourney, EG first to confirm

Mineski Events Team (MET) and ESL announced the introduction of Manila Masters, an international Dota 2 tournament set on May 26-28 that will feature eight top teams from around the world to battle for the USD 250,000 prize pool.

“The Mineski-Events Team is more than ready to embark on the latest chapter of its storied journey, as it introduces the Manila Masters by PLDT presented by PLDT, its biggest event up to date,” disclosed MET through a press release.

This would be the very first SEA-organized event with a global scale, and also the biggest tournament organized by MET“The Manila Masters will gather eight of the best teams from all over the world here in Manila, where they are set to duke it out for pride, glory, and the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool from May 26-28, in the SM Mall of Asia Arena, in front of some of what many people consider to be the best fans in esports,” they added.

“MET has always been ready. As the most experienced and professional organizing team in the Philippines, we rose to meet the challenges posted by ESL the past few years and we have grown even more since then. We’re excited to put into action everything we’ve learned in order to put the Philippines on the map. We are very thankful for the Filipino fans — this could never have happened without their passion and energy for esports,” said Marlon Marcelo, Mineski Franchise Corporation VP for Marketing, and MET Department Head — who also happens to be famous in the local Filipino scene as shoutcaster Lon.

“We’ve had a great experience working with Mineski on the region’s largest esports event in 2016, when we hosted the first Dota 2 competition at ESL One Manila. I’m confident that their experience, knowledge and passion for esports is going to be a solid base to build an outstanding event on. We’re excited to see what they will come up with, and we’re looking forward to bringing more ESL events to Manila in the coming years,” said Ulrich Schulze, ESL Vice President Pro Gaming – Business & Strategy.

MET also announced that top team and The International 5 champions Evil Geniuses will be headlining the list of teams that will participate in Masters Manila. “Making true of its claim of showcasing the very best teams in the world, the Manila Masters is proud to reveal Evil Geniuses, as the very first team to confirm their invitation. The boys in blue will be flying out to Manila this May, looking to add yet another prestigious trophy to their ever-growling cabinet of awards.”

Tickets are set to go on sale 7:00 PM next Friday, February 24, at SM Tickets, so watch out for that. Start saving up now because with this, the Philippines will truly become one of the Dota 2 capitals of the world. For more information regarding the event please, you can visit the official Masters website.