Execration to step out of Boston Major due to delayed VISA; LGD to replace them

It’s a bad news for all Filipino Dota 2 fans, as the first directly invited team to a Valve-sponsored event will not be able to attend it: Execration‘s inability to secure a United States (US) VISA before their supposed flight prompted Valve replacing their slot for the Boston Major. LGD-Gaming will be taking over their spot.

According to Execration‘s official statement, the team was applying for P1 VISA en route to the Boston Major. “We are already done with our interview and our passports are in the US embassy waiting for the petition to be approved. The Petition is between valve and USCIS, once valve presented all the required documents, the USCIS will approve the petition and we will give the visa,” they added.

Contrary to Invictus Gaming‘s and LGD Forever Young‘s cases, Execration‘s VISA applications were not denied. “Our visas were not denied, its just valve did not finish the petition in time for reasons we dont know, that’s why the US embassy cannot grant the visa until all documents are presented by valve to the USCIS,” Execration emphasized. We will still get the Visa but not in time for the groupstage (December 3). The Main Stage Event is December 7 after the seeding will be decided.”

Execration is the first Filipino team to be invited in a Major, and should’ve been the only Filipino team in the upcoming Boston Major.

“LGD Gaming will be The official Replacement of our Team for The Boston Major 2016. They have been contacted by Valve and set to Fly Tomorrow (December 1),” Execration concluded. “Sorry to everyone who expected us to compete in the event and Thanks to those who keep supporting us especially in times like this.”


Mineski, XCTN, TNC to participate in Star Series Season 3 SEA Qualis

Three teams from the Philippines and other Filipino players (who are participating through multi-national teams) will be representing the country for the upcoming Starladder Star Series Season 3 through the Southeast Asia (SEA) Qualifiers. Only one, however, will qualify for the LAN Finals to be held at Shanghai, on February 26-28.

Mineski.GGNetwork, Execration, and the recent WESG World Champions TNC were all Philippines-based squads and were all directly invited to the said SEA Qualifiers. Meanwhile, John Linuel “Teehee” Abanto will be playing under the banners of the Malaysia-based team Geek Fam while both Jacko “Jacko” Soriano and Patrick “JyC” Pascua will play for Malaysia-based Power Gaming as well.

The SEA Qualifier will commence from January 17 to 25. Only one team will advance to the LAN Finals, where they will face the directly invited team Wings Gaming and six other teams who will come from the qualifiers from China, EU, CIS, and Americas regions. Eight teams will then fight for the USD 300,000 prize pool of the said event.

Filipino rosters include:


Khim “Gabbi” Villafuerte
Fernando “Nando” Mendoza
Djardel “DJ” Mampusti
Joshua “Owa” Dela Serna
Kimuel “Kim0” Rodis

Mineski.GGNetwork (No Changes)

Ryan “Raging-_-Potato” Jay Qui
Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen
Ralph Richard “RR” Peñano
Julius “Julz” De Leon
Michael “ninjaboogie” Ross Jr.

TNC Pro Team

Marc Polo “Raven” Luis  Fausto
Carlo “Kuku” Palad
Samson Solomon “Sam_H” Enojosa Hidalgo
Timothy “Tims” Randrup
Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa

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The three All-Pinoy teams will go up against Fnatic, Faceless, WG.Unity, Geek Fam and Power Gaming.


Filipino squad TNC bags 39M PHP after 2-1 victory against C9

After a grueling single-elimination playoff bracket, it was the All-Filipino team TNC who took the Olympics-style World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) Dota 2 tournament all the way to the championship. They prevailed against Cloud9, an All-Danish team, 2-1 and took home USD 800,000.

Game 1 went convincingly well for the all Filipino team, after stalwart Marc Polo “Raven” Luis  Fausto finished the game with no deaths on his Weaver pick. A stellar early game cemented a good networth lead for the TNC squad, a sizeable 4000 gold during the first 13 minutes of the game. Jon “13abyKnight” Andersen’s Ember Spirit, however, won the mid-game for Cloud9, and were actually able to take the lead of the game by the 22nd minute. Then again, it was Raven’s Weaver who closed out the game during the end-game engagements, by dissecting the lineup of Cloud9 with the help of Timothy “Tims” Randrup’s Earth Spirit initiations.

Game 2 was when Cloud9 started to show their potential as Denmark’s representatives, taking a page out of an old book: they drafted a support Sven and paired it with their offlane Dark Seer, and the Surge into Stormbolt with Ion Shell support utterly destroyed the laning phase of TNC. The All-Filipino were relentless, but there was so much farm on the side of Cloud9 from the early stages of the game for them to handle. Cloud9 evened up the series 1-1 after Game 2, and both teams were on match point to take the USD 800,000 grand prize.

Game 3 was a total brawl between two teams. The networth graph changed its momentum for more than 10 times, showing how back-and-forth the game went. TNC were leading in terms of gold networth because of how Raven was dominant with his Juggernaut, but the Cloud9 squad have kept them in check behind 13abyKnight’s Outworld Devourer and Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard’s Luna. At the end of the day, TNC scored a huge win by wiping out the lineup of Cloud9 behind Carlo “Kuku” Palad’s Queen of Pain who itemized really well during the latter stages of the game: he picked up Blade Mail and Octarine Core to synchronize with his Level 25 Talent of + 70% Life Steal to survive the firepower of Cloud9.

After 58 minutes and 55 seconds of action, TNC took the series 2-1 and secured the grand prize of USD 800,000. They are the first champions of WESG. On the other hand, Cloud9 left China — the tournament grounds — with USD 400,000 in the bank.


Dota2 Asia Championships announce invites, schedule

The biggest non-Valve Dota 2 tournament in terms of prize pool returns to China as Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC) is set to kick off April 1-4, 2017. Invited teams include former DAC champion Evil Geniuses, The International 2016 champion Wings Gaming, Boston Major champion OG, and Chinese powerhouse Newbee.

Perfect World and Valve teams up again to bring DAC to Shanghai with the group stages set to start on March 28, while the Main Event to commence on April 1-4. 12 teams will be fighting for an unannounced prize pool as of yet — The first DAC back in 2015 awarded Evil Geniuses as the champions with USD 1.5 Million from more than USD 3 Million of total prize pool. Aside from the four invites, the eight other teams will be selected from the qualifier winners from each region: another four from the China Qualifier, one from Southeast Asia, one from America, one from Europe, and one from CIS.

The China Qualifier, which involves 13 teams from the region, was set to kick off January 13 and will end on the 15th. Meanwhile, the other regional qualifiers’ dates are still unannounced.

The first champion of the said tournament (which was held last 2015) was Evil Geniuses. This was also the breakout performance of Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan, who was just 15 years old back then. Suma1L still joins the lineup of Evil Geniuses and will be attending the tournament as the directly-invited defending champions.