Manila Masters: Evil Geniuses book their ticket to the Grand Finals

The battle for the last spot in the Grand Finals between Evil Geniuses and Team NP was a thrilling roller coaster of a series but in the end, Evil Geniuses came out on top.

Team NP was riding their success against the Singaporean team Faceless last night. Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, was looking for retribution after dropping to the Lower Bracket in the hands of Newbee.


Opening the Lower Bracket Finals, Team NP decided to put together a high mobility pick composition despite showing a first pick IO. EG answered this with a strong team fighting composition with enough crowd control to lock down the necessary members of NP.

It didn’t take long for first blood to happen as Cr1t-‘s Phoenix was caught out in the bottom lane 30 seconds in the game. He found revenge shortly after as he secured a kill on MSS’ Legion Commander.

NP maximized the mobility of their heroes to find the necessary picks on Arteezy and SumaiL and found themselves with a gold lead early on. EG found kills of their own but would play into the hands of NP after pushing lanes a bit too far.

With EG behind and their bottom lane barracks in shambles, they decided to smoke up as five and look for a pick. They spotted a seemingly lone Legion Commander but soon found out that he was far from alone as the rest of NP showed up from their jungle. EG started to drop like flies and was forced to call “GG” in just 38 minutes giving NP the 1-0 lead in the series.



Game 2 was a game of day and night with Keeper of the Light and Night Stalker for NP and EG, respectively. Around these two heroes, they built compositions that had one thing in mind, look for pick offs.

EG had a better start in Game 2 but was unable to pressure NP. This gave EternalEnVy and FATA- enough space to farm up and catch up in net worth. NP found pick after pick and put themselves in a gold lead. Despite the lead, NP respected the strength of EG which gave Arteezy the space to catch up in gold.

NP was still able to decimate their adversaries’ base but they soon found out the true strength of EG’s composition. EG successfully obliterated NP time and time again with a Vortex + Supernova combo. This and a spectacular Aegis steal from SumaiL 60 minutes in the game gave EG the momentum.

After surviving the onslaught from NP, it was time for the night to shine as EG read the plays from NP well and overwhelmed NP with a stronger late game composition. EG held their ground each time NP sieged the remaining Melee barrack in the top lane.

After one last attempt from NP at 78 minutes, EG landed the Vortex + Supernova combo yet again and forced NP to tap out and lead to the decisive Game 3.





Following a lengthy Game 2, both teams decided to ban out crucial heroes like IO, Legion Commander, and Ember Spirit. This forced both teams to change things up and both teams decided to go for well-rounded compositions.

EG aggressed on their opponents early which allowed them to play their cards, push down the lanes.

Pieliedie’s Batrider that helped fund the growing EG push as he found himself in the respawn screen too many times after getting picked off by EG time and time again. With the lead, EG kept the pressure and choked NP out of resources despite getting some kills for themselves.

An attempt by NP to stop EG from getting Roshan was thwarted after they took kills. This Roshan proved vital as they used the Aegis to take down NP’s bottom structures followed by a rotation in mid.

One last defense stood between NP and their hopes to face Newbee in the Finals but as the members of NP slowly dropped one by one, it was certain that their fate had been sealed. EG had forced, for the last time of the series, a “GG” call and booked their ticket to the Grand Finals against Newbee for a rematch of the Upper Bracket Finals.


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