The Esports and Gaming Convention 2017 is on this weekend!

Every year, gamers from all over the Philippines gather at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia to attend one of the biggest gaming conventions in Southeast Asia – the Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS). This year is no different, as ESGS 2017 is happening this weekend! Specifically on October 27-29.

Now on its fourth year, ESGS 2017 promises to deliver the best gaming and esports experience for Filipino gamers. Attendees should expect more game demos, freebies, and esports tournaments – both from international and local publishers/developers.

In a press conference held earlier today at the SMX Convention Center, Gariath Concepts (the main organizer of ESGS) brought game developers such as Secret 6, R2 Games, Blackstorm Labs, and more to share the games that they will feature on the convention floor. Representatives from ESGS hardware partners were also present at the conference; there, they gave details on what fans can expect from their booths.

What to expect from the big gaming brands

Gamers enjoying CoD: Infinite Warfare at the ESGS 2016 PlayStation booth.

As with last year, a number of international game publishers have booths for atttendees. PlayStation is one such brand, and at their booth, fans could try out both released and upcoming PlayStation titles, as well as a selection of Bandai Namco games. Ubisoft will also be present, as they will showcase the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Origins, along with Just Dance 2018.

Fans of Monster Hunter also have lots to be excited about, as Capcom is bringing demos of Monster Hunter Worlds at ESGS. Hi-Rez studios is another big game dev, as they will host tourney and demos for their hit titles Smite and Paladins.

Local developers are also be able to showcase their games. One such local dev is Secret 6, who will have demos of their upcoming FPS game Project Xandata. Ranida Games will also be at the convention, this time to highlight their Filipino fighting game Bayani: Kanino ka Kakampi?. More local devs are also at ESGS, such as Indigo Entertainment and Synergy 88.

Last year’s MSI booth at ESGS.

Of course, you can’t play the aforementioned PC games without gaming rigs. Good thing ESGS has you covered, as gaming hardware manufacturers such as MSI will have booths, complete with awesome deals.

Console and PC games aren’t the only games at ESGS though, as hit mobile games will also have their respective spaces at the convention. Mobile MOBA devs such as R2 Games (of Heroes Evolved) and Moonton (of Mobile Legends) will be at ESGS to host activities and tourneys.

Indie Game Spotlight

ESGS 2016’s Indie Arena.

Big game brands aren’t the only thing you can see at ESGS, as the country’s leading game convention will give a spotlight to indie games through Indie Arena. At the arena, both local and international game devs will have spaces of their own for attendees to try out and give feedback on the titles.

Not your typical Video Games

While ESGS is a gaming event, some booths will feature some atypical games. One of them being hobby shop Ludus, which will bring Final Fantasy: The Card Game onto the Main Stage – the first non-electronic game to do so.

The company FullDome is also invited at ESGS 2017, and there they will have a large dome that functions as a unique take on virtual and alternate reality. Unlike usual VR/AR which are enjoyed on a more personal level, FullDome’s concepts focus on a more social virtual reality experience.


ESGS has esports at its name, so it follows that there will be tons of tourneys that are open to everyone! Aside from the aforementioned Mobile game tournaments, the convention’s highlight is Brawlfest.

The 2016 iteration of Brawlfest, featuring SFV and other titles.

Brawlfest is a collective of tournaments on multiple fighting games such as Tekken 7, Street Fighter, and more. The best part is the winner of the Tekken 7 and SFV tourneys will be heading to EVO Japan 2018 to compete with the best players in the world.

Leveling up Game Development

ESGS is not just for gamers, as it’s also for people interested in game development. The Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) will be holding their GameFest to promote the academic side of game development. Included in the GDAP space are different schools and other organizations involved in the local game development scene.

Talks by game developers will also take place at the GDAP area, with topics such as art, animation, programming, and more.

Cosplay Competition

Two cute Overwatch cosplayers at last year’s ESGS.

Finally, what gaming event would be complete without cosplay? ESGS 2017 will be bringing back its gaming-themed cosplay competition, this time with bigger prizes. Judges of the cosplay competition include long-time cosplayers such as Kang Dupet, Loki Heart, and Tessa.

ESGS 2017 will take place this October 27-29, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. Tickets are available at all SM Ticket outlets nationwide. Friday tickets will cost PHP 170, while tickets on Saturday and Sunday will cost PHP 210 each.

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