The new Warwick is coming and he’s scarier than ever

Earlier yesterday, Riot released a cinematic teaser featuring the reworked Warwick and it looked menacing and scary but at the same time awesome.

Before the cinematic teaser, Riot released journal entry from the Mad Chemist, Singed wherein he detailed his experiment named “Subject #1088”, this teaser was believed to be the reworked Warwick.

With the cinematic teaser out, there’s no need to speculate anymore as much of what Singed had described in the journal entry is present and confirms that it is indeed the new Warwick in the journal.

The teaser shows a Zaunite with his buddy (or whatever you call you call them in Zaun) running away from Warwick who chases them down an alley which we presume is in Zaun. Because it is in first person, we only get to see the other Zaunite which looks like Bane with a shotgun who eventually gets decimated by Warwick after we leave the poor guy behind.


At this point we get to see the new Warwick up close for the first time in all his glory, with his massive claw and the green liquid in the pump devices in his back.

Shortly after our character seems to have gotten off the hook, he mistakenly takes hold of a sharp metal piece in the hole by the door, which was ripped off by Warwick, which makes our character draw blood. This triggers a violent transformation as the green liquids in the vials turn to orange and this liquid seemingly starts to go through his blood stream.


His claw looks more fiery than just plan metallic in this state.


This reaction makes Warwick glow orange and gives him an even scarier look. The cinematic ends with Warwick jumping a far distance and attacking our character with his large orange claw.


Two things stood out from the teaser, the first of which is a hint towards his third skill, Blood Scent which looks like they retained. After our character cuts himself just as Warwick was walking away, Warwick takes a good whiff and immediately looks at our character. If one thing, it seems like Blood Scent will get a new mechanic that turns the green liquid into yellow orange and eventually triggers into stronger auto attack.


He knows…

The second of which is his ultimate, Infinite Duress which seems to be what he did in the end as he leapt towards the pod. Whether it keeps the suppression mechanic, it is hard to tell.


Imagine seeing that chasing after you in a pod that you cannot control. 

One question comes to mind though, will he now get a rage mechanic similar to that of Gnar or Tryndamere or Rengar which players will have to manage in order to be more effective on the rift?

If anything, this new Warwick looks amazing and looks to be a menacing champion on the Rift.

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CLASH ROYALE | Welcome the Goblin Gang

The fourth and last card of the first set of new cards of 2017 in Clash Royale is finally out and like the first two cards, it can be unlocked from Arena 9, Jungle Arena.

Goblin fans, rejoice because it’s time to welcome the new Common Card, Goblin Gang!



Unlike the first three new cards of 2017, the Goblin Gang isn’t necessarily a new card because in a nutshell it deploys the Goblins and Spear Goblins in one budget card. Playing both cards separately will cost players 4 Elixir to play, whereas the Goblin Gang only costs 3 Elixir. It may not be the most unique card, but it is the first card that combines melee and ranged Troops in one card.

While not quite as strong as the Skeleton Army, the Goblin Gang offers a unique mechanic with Goblins able to tank for the Spear Goblins. Countering the Goblin Gang may be as easy as using splash units like the Bomber or the Valkyrie or spells like The Log, Tornado, or Arrows but unlike the Skeleton Army, Goblins will survive Zap at tournament standard. Because of these interactions, the Goblin Gang isn’t a quite a replacement to the Skeleton Army instead may find its own place in Clash Royale.

What is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of the Goblin Gang is because it has a melee line and a ranged line, it will take getting used to as far as deployment is concerned.

With the addition of this card, there are now six Goblin cards that can be played with two spells in order to make a somewhat all Goblin deck. It may not be as strong as one would hope, but it will be interesting to play, to say the least.


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Super Robot Wars V is now available

Many PlayStation owners fondly remember a purely Japanese game that came out during the console’s heyday: Super Robot Wars. The game featured all the Japanese giant cartoon robots like Mazinger Z, Combattler V, different kinds of Gundam, and Voltes V to name a few. Now, in the era of the PS4, the franchise makes it return in Super Robot Wars V.

The is available now for purchase in Southeast Asia for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita in both digital and physical package.
Super Robot Wars V is the second and latest title in the Super Robot Wars 25th anniversary commemorative project. Robots from many different animation series will cross the boundaries of their worlds and join forces to fight a common enemy in this simulation RPG game. The game tells a complete original story, set in a new world.

「Extra Action」 – A New System Feature

A new parameter called ExC (Extra Count) has been introduced. Accumulate ExC by fulfilling certain conditions such as attacking enemy units on the map, or leveling up a unit’s main pilot. Use accumulated ExC to activate a special 「Extra Action」 command, which allows a range of special moves such as 「Boost Dash」, 「Direct Attack」, and 「Smash Hit」.

「Extra Order」 – New System Feature

The battleship-specific 「Extra Order」 command uses ExC in exchange for granting special effects to surrounding allied units, such as 「Emergency Recovery」, 「Focus Up」, 「ExC Up」, and 「Recover Action」. Except for 「Focus Up」, none of the commands can be used on the player’s own unit.

「Nine」 – New Character

The addition of Nine introduces a new character whose existence is closely intertwined with the System 99 OS of the VangRay prototype anti-alien mobile weapon (the main character’s robot). 「Nine」 works alongside the game’s main characters Soji and Chitose.

The hardcopy of the game is now available in all DataBlitz outlets nationwide.


Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice League of Legends primer

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice League of Legends is starting in just a few hours and while it the teams aren’t as stacked that previously hoped, the pride of raising the cup and going home the IEM World Champion is still there.

The teams that will be playing are the European teams G2 Esports, Unicorns of Love, and H2k-Gaming; the LMS teams Flash Wolves and Hong Kong Esports; the Korean teams ROX Tigers and Kongdoo Monster; and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) team M19.

Teams will play in a double elimination Group stage that will initially be played in a best-of-one format, after which the consecutive games will be played in a best-of-three format.  The two teams that survive the Group Stage will then move on the playoffs to play in a best-of-three semifinals and the winner of which will face in a best-of-three finals.

Group A comprises of ROX Tigers, H2k-Gaming, Hong Kong Esports, and M19. ROX Tigers will be facing M19 while H2k-Gaming will be facing Hong Kong Esports. My prediction for Group A, ROX Tigers and H2k-Gaming will make it out of the group stage.

Group B is definitely more stacked than Group A with Kongdoo Monster, G2 Esports, Flash Wolves, and Unicorns of Love. The first matchups will be between Kongdoo Monster and Unicorns of Love and the second will be between G2 Esports and Flash Wolves. Unlike Group A, Group B is a tougher group to predict but if I had to make one it would be G2 Esports and Flash Wolves to make it out of the group.

If I were to make a bold prediction as to who will win the entire tournament, it’ll have to be G2 Esports. Assuming they’re able to perform as they do in the EU LCS, I do believe they can win the entire thing.


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