The new Warwick is coming and he’s scarier than ever

Earlier yesterday, Riot released a cinematic teaser featuring the reworked Warwick and it looked menacing and scary but at the same time awesome.

Before the cinematic teaser, Riot released journal entry from the Mad Chemist, Singed wherein he detailed his experiment named “Subject #1088”, this teaser was believed to be the reworked Warwick.

With the cinematic teaser out, there’s no need to speculate anymore as much of what Singed had described in the journal entry is present and confirms that it is indeed the new Warwick in the journal.

The teaser shows a Zaunite with his buddy (or whatever you call you call them in Zaun) running away from Warwick who chases them down an alley which we presume is in Zaun. Because it is in first person, we only get to see the other Zaunite which looks like Bane with a shotgun who eventually gets decimated by Warwick after we leave the poor guy behind.


At this point we get to see the new Warwick up close for the first time in all his glory, with his massive claw and the green liquid in the pump devices in his back.

Shortly after our character seems to have gotten off the hook, he mistakenly takes hold of a sharp metal piece in the hole by the door, which was ripped off by Warwick, which makes our character draw blood. This triggers a violent transformation as the green liquids in the vials turn to orange and this liquid seemingly starts to go through his blood stream.


His claw looks more fiery than just plan metallic in this state.


This reaction makes Warwick glow orange and gives him an even scarier look. The cinematic ends with Warwick jumping a far distance and attacking our character with his large orange claw.


Two things stood out from the teaser, the first of which is a hint towards his third skill, Blood Scent which looks like they retained. After our character cuts himself just as Warwick was walking away, Warwick takes a good whiff and immediately looks at our character. If one thing, it seems like Blood Scent will get a new mechanic that turns the green liquid into yellow orange and eventually triggers into stronger auto attack.


He knows…

The second of which is his ultimate, Infinite Duress which seems to be what he did in the end as he leapt towards the pod. Whether it keeps the suppression mechanic, it is hard to tell.


Imagine seeing that chasing after you in a pod that you cannot control. 

One question comes to mind though, will he now get a rage mechanic similar to that of Gnar or Tryndamere or Rengar which players will have to manage in order to be more effective on the rift?

If anything, this new Warwick looks amazing and looks to be a menacing champion on the Rift.

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Nintendo reveals final details and availability of the new Switch console

Nintendo had a keynote earlier today to announce the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company’s newest console. The Switch will be region-free and will cost $299 (or around P20,000 after taxes) and will be available worldwide on March 2, 2017. Online play is free for now but don’t expect that to last until the end of the year.


The basic Switch package nets you: the unit, the dock, the cool-looking Joy-Con controllers (comes in gray or red and blue variants), HDMI cable, grips, dock, AC adapter, and wrist straps.

The fun thing about the Joy-Con controllers is that they slide out of the main unit to turn into two separate controllers, which remind you of the SNES controllers of old. They come built-in with vibration and a camera to capture movement, photos, and in the future, used for streaming gameplay. Up to 8 Switch units can be linked, and the console has several modes of use: table mode (used like a traditional console), tabletop mode (the screen of the unit is the one you use to view games), handheld mode (like a 3DS), or the abovementioned multiplayer mode (up to 8 units linked in handheld mode).


Peripherals can be bought for the Switch, but be ready to shell out some money! The Nintendo Switch Pro is $70, extra Joy-Con controllers come in $80 bundles (or $49 apiece), and finally, an extra dock (so you don’t have to unplug when moving to a different room) costs a whopping $90.

Games on the Switch include Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Arms, and Splatoon 2.

There’s also the Fire Emblem Warriors:

And of course, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Check out the full presentation of the Nintendo Switch here:


League of Legends Champion Reveal | Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

It’s a new era for the resident werewolf of Summoner’s Rift as Warwick’s days as the Blood Hunter are over. He now goes by the title, Uncaged Wrath of Zaun and his new kit just looks as menacing as his new title.

Warwick’s rework has been in the pipes for a while now, but we finally get a glimpse at his full kit after seeing the teaser a couple of days back.

Let’s now take a look at his new kit.



Passive: Eternal Thirst

His passive retains its name and some of its mechanic like the bonus magic damage and the healing but the healing will only trigger if Warwick is below half health. If he hits below 25% health, the

The healing may have been made situational but the stacks have been removed in place for this situational heal which seems better for Warwick.


Q: Jaws of the Beast

Warwick’s new Q, Jaws of the Beast seems like a unique skill that allows him to leap at a target but if the button is held down, he locks onto the target which causes him to leap behind the target.

Jaws of the Beast also heals him for the some of the damage dealt. Without a target, it doesn’t seem like he can use this skill as a means of escape.


W: Blood Hunt

Blood Hunt is a skill with a passive and active.

Its passive leaves a global blood trail leading Warwick into enemy champions with less than half health and are a marked as Blood Hunted. Warwick gains increased attack speed against the Blood Hunted and gives him a massive increased out-of-combat movement speed when moving towards the Blood Hunted. These are tripled when the Blood Hunted has very low health.

The active markes the nearest enemy champion as Blood Hunted even when full health. Its cooldown is lowered when there are no enemies being hunted.


E: Primal Howl

Primal Howl gives Warwick a shield which reduces incoming damage for a short duration. At the end of the duration he howls which causes nearby enemies to flee in fear.

Players can choose to activate the skill again to get the fear proc immediately.


R: Infinite Duress

His ultimate is still the same suppress we all know and fear, but this time around, it’s a skill shot with the range depending on how fast Warwick is moving.

He suppresses the first champion he collides with and deals damage and applies on-hit effects through the duration. In addition, Warwick heals for all the damage he dealt. During the leap, Warwick is immune to crowd control.


This kit is not only refreshing but also maximizes the scary factor that Warwick brings to the Rift. Giving him three leaps and the means to chase after you despite being on the opposite side of the map is just frightening.

It seems like the basic Warwick is long gone, understanding his kit and how they interact with each other will be key in relearning the werewolf.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing about his kit is that Riot seemed to have mixed and matched mechanics from other champions to create this monster. The shield that explodes seems like something from Sion’s kit while the roar followed by a fear effect seems like something that came from Volibear. Infinite Duress seems like a combination of Aurelion Sol’s Starsurge and Kled’s Chaaaaaaaarge!!!.



Overall, his kit just fits his title as the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun. He looks fun and challenging to play especially with all the different leaps and interactions he has now. This is what older champions like Warwick need in order to keep them up to date with the newer champions.

The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun is currently live in the Public Beta Environment. Expect him to be released in the live servers in the next patch, whenever that may be.

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WESG Dota 2: TNC finish Day 1 with 2-2 Win-loss record

World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) Global Finals kicked off yesterday, and Filipino participants TNC finished with a 2-2 win-loss slate while s1.Lykos (also a Filipino team) finished with 0-2 in the group stages of the Dota 2 competition. WESG is an Olympics-style competition featuring four games — Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and Starcraft II — with its Global Finals being held at Changzhou Olympic Sports Center, Chanzhou, China from January 12-15.

Since WESG follows the format that of Olympics, participating esports teams are required to have a single nationality among players. TNC and s1.Lykos both survived the Asia Pacific qualifiers with an all-Filipino lineup. Meanwhile, some teams like that of Team Ukraine include a mixture of players from Natus Vincere, Digital Chaos, and other unlisted players from the country of Ukraine.

The Best-of-2 (BO2), round robin group stages of the said competition will last until tomorrow, Jan 14. TNC finished Day 1 with a 2-2 win loss slate: the team lost 0-2 from the Chinese team Max.Y and bounced back later in the day with a 2-0 victory against Peruvian team Infamous. Meanwhile, s1.Lykos only had one series for the day, losing 0-2 from the All-Swedish team Alliance.

For BO2 series, teams who win 2-0 will be listed with 1 win, which is equal to 3 points. Meanwhile, teams who finished 1-1 will be listed with 1 draw, which is equal to 1 point. Lastly, teams who lost 0-2 will be listed with 1 loss and will not net any points.

The first placers of each group will advance straight to the quarter finals, while the last three placers of each group will automatically be eliminated. 2nd and 3rd placers of each group will be participating in the Round of 12 stage.

Here are the final scores after Day 1:


The champions of this event can win USD 800,000, while 2nd placers will have USD 400,000 and 3rd placers at 200,000.