Clash Royale October 10 Balance Update

After about two months, Clash Royale receives a much needed balance update!

The balance update is quite interesting especially with the cards they balanced. Seeing cards like Tesla, Sparky, and Spear Goblins was quite surprising but definitely needed for the cards.


Tesla: Damage +41%, hit speed to 1sec from 0.8sec

Tesla is a unique structure that offers a defense that only appears when attacking. The change to the Tesla means that it will one-shot Minions and Goblins. In order to compensate for this massive damage increase, its hit speed has been increased.

Perhaps, it’s time to see the Tesla back in decks again.


Electro Wizard: Damage -4%, first attack comes 0.2sec slower

The Electro Wizard is one of the more efficient Troop cards, offering good damage and utility. Which is why the balance to the Electro Wizard is understandable. The decrease to his damage means he will need help when defending. While the slower first attack allow other Troops to deal initial damage and possibly win trades.


Graveyard: Duration to 10 sec from 9sec, radius to 4 from 5, first Skeleton spawns 0.5sec slower, Skeletons spawn less randomly

The Graveyard’s randomness is what makes the spell annoying. To see that they spawn less randomly is quite relieving. In addition to this they’ve lowered the spawn rate of the first Skeleton, allowing opponents more time to react to it. But because the first Skeleton spawns slower, they’ve increased the duration of the spell.

One of the more interesting change is the lowered radius from 5 to 4. This is the same size as Arrows. For most spells, smaller radius is a bad thing but for Graveyard it allows for a more focused attack area.


Cannon Cart: Hitpoints +5%, shield hitpoints +5%

One of the newest cards on this list, it’s not too surprising especially since the Cannon Cart hasn’t seen much play. Despite its unique mechanic of being a Troop that then breaks down to be structure, it just hasn’t proven to be worth to keep in a deck.

With this change, Cannon Cart’s shield will survive a Mega Knight jump and hit.


Lightning: Damage -3%, radius to 3 from 3.5

The Lightning goes well with a lot of beat down decks as a means to shut down the Inferno Tower and take down some Troops. The change is pretty massive, giving the Lightning spell the same radius as Freeze. This makes it allows more placements for Inferno Tower without worrying about getting the Princess Tower struck by Lightning.


Spear Goblins: Hit speed to 1.1sec from 1.3sec

This is the first time Supercell has decided to buff the Spear Goblins. It may see less and less play time nowadays, except perhaps in draft challenges, but it is definitely nice to see the spear throwing Goblins. This change increases the Spear Goblin’s damage quite drastically. If left alone on a Princess Tower, three Spear Goblins deal 200 more damage.

This change includes the Spear Goblins in the Goblin Gang and the Goblin Hut.


Valkyrie: Damage +5%

Competitively, the glorious Valkyrie hasn’t seen much play because the Knight just became more efficient overall. The increase in her damage means that she will one-shot Princesses and Dart Goblins, and take down Barbarians in three attacks. This may see the return of the Hog trifecta or some form of it again.


Sparky: Hit speed to 4 sec from 5 sec, damage -15%

Sparky is a fun card but like the Valkyrie and Spear Goblins, she just doesn’t see much play time because of the variety of ways to take her down. While Supercell lowered her damage by 15%, she charges faster. The lowered damage means it takes her three attacks to take down a Princess tower and won’t kill another Sparky.



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