There’s more Overwatch Halloween lore with the new “Return of Junkenstein” Comic

With last year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror event, Blizzard released a tie-in comic entitled “Junkenstein” which details the lore behind the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl in-game. For Halloween Terror 2017, Blizzard outed another comic, “The Return of Junkenstein.” This time, it gives some back-story to the Endless Night game-mode.

The new comic details how the Four Wanderers defended Adlbersbrunn from the mad Dr. Junkenstein and his allies. But peace in the land would not last, as it was revealed that the mad doctor was but a pawn of the Witch of the Wilds. Dr. Junkenstein was revived by the Witch, and again seeks to destroy Adlbersbrunn.

Joining the doctor once again is the Reaper, along with his Monster. Though now they have a monstrous new ally – the Summoner. With his forces bolstered, Dr. Junkenstein is set on taking revenge, though thankfully four new heroes answered the call of the Lord of Adlbersbrunn.

The four new heroes to defend the castle are: the Viking, the Countess, the Monk, and the Swordsman. While there is no doubt about their strength, it’s still unknown whether they have what it takes to endure the Witch’s Endless Night.

The new comic is unlike previous comics that have been released, as this one only has four pages – it’s more akin to a tapestry than an actual comic. Nevertheless, Overwatch Lore fans should be satisfied with this new comic. Plus, there’s also a look at what might be the next Genji Legendary skin.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event is live now, and will run until the first of November.

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