5 Creepy Moments in Unsuspecting Games
Posted by Raphael Leynes September 16, 2020

In life and in video games, the scariest moments are the ones we never see coming. Your prankster sibling jumping out from a corner to spook you, that dog that comes barking out of nowhere, or a spooky video game list in the middle of September. Things are much more frightening when they are unexpected, that’s what makes these creepy moments in seemingly unsuspecting games so much more effective!


Baby Calaca’s Disturbing Daycare (Guacamelee)

The Game: Guacamelee is a fun, colorful, Metroidvania wherein you play as a mystical Luchador saving your beloved from the avatar of death, Calaca using an assortment of uppercuts, headbutts, and body slams. This is a plot that I hold in high regard because wrestling. 

The Creepy Thing: Amidst piledriving the forces of evil, you’ll stumble into a room in the middle of the rainforest which just really has no explanation.



Baby Calaca’s Clubhouse, as the signage on the wall says, just contains pint-sized versions of Calaca and his goons Jaguar Javier, Flameface, and X’Tabay. When you enter the clubhouse, these tiny tots will constantly ask you “Are you my mommy?” and give you hearts that will replenish your health—which is cute and all BUT WHY.

Within the game proper, nothing about this was ever alluded to and it’s never explained after you discover it. It just exists. And its really weirding me out. Now I want my mommy.  


The Hell Valley Sky Trees Have Eyes (Super Mario Galaxy)

The Game: You know what Super Mario is all about. It’s the adventures of a jolly plumber man as he hops, skips, and double jumps his way to saving his Princess from a big Lizard man. Super Mario Galaxy is just that but in space.  


The Creepy Thing: ALIENS. Just big ol’ aliens just staring at you without you knowing.



No one knows why they’re up there and why do they look the way they do. Some internet sleuths have dove into the code to find that these things are called “Hell Valley Sky Trees” which really doesn’t make them any less creepy. WHY NINTENDO, WHY?


Man Bat Outta Nowhere (Batman Arkham Knight)

The Game: Batman Arkham Knight is the last game in the Batman Arkham Trilogy. You do everything the Batman does: beat up goons, take down supervillains, and basically clean up Gotham with your fists and with the giant cannons on your BAT-TANK apparently.


Classic Batman

The Creepy Thing: OK, so as you’re soaring through the Gotham skyline in between maiming thugs then SUDDENLY THERE’S JUST A MASSIVE MAN-BAT SCREAMING IN YOUR FACE.

Honestly, unlike the other entries, the Man-bat appearance more jarring in that it happens instantaneously out of nowhere and just really scares the Bajeezus outta you. After this, we were wary of every tall rooftop that haphazardly glide up to. It really put the fear of bat in us that’s for sure


Alien Crossing (Animal Crossing)

The Game: Animal Crossing is just about the sweetest, cutest, and cuddliest game you can think off. As a tiny villager, you try to make a prosperous life for yourself in the town of Animal Crossing which is populated by adorable fun-loving anthropomorphic animals! What could go wrong?


The Creepy Thing: Unfortunately for us, everything can go wrong.

Nintendo, who is apparently in the business of giving you wildly traumatic experiences along with its fun, family charm, has hidden an Alien message for those tuning in into their TV in at 3:33 am on a specific day. The darkly-lit extraterrestrial seemingly address your character as well as us the players in a trance-like speech that goes on for a full minute!

We don’t really understand what the alien is saying and frankly we don’t care. It could be singing a sweet lullaby about lollipops and rainbows and we’d still be scared out of our wits!


Moo Guy (Goat Simulator)



The Game: Goat Simulator is at the same time both the most self-explanatory game and the least most self-explanatory game ever created. It’s a game that simulates the average life of the average goat but it’s also a game where the goat can put on a rocket pack and fight a whale before going to space. 


The Creepy Thing: So you’ve probably guessed that the game is all about having the funnest of times, causing trouble for humans in wild and wacky ways. Oh,what a joy, goats’ lives must be.  Then, this happens. 





Some weird dude just appears behind you yelling “Moooo!”. You don’t know where he came from, why he’s here and how he ever got so badly confused as to what sound a goat makes.

After a confusing few seconds, you try to leave him be and carry on on your goat adventures but then you hear him exclaim “MOO” again. When you turn around to tell him off you are surprised to find that he’s not there anymore—he’s moved ever so slightly closer to you. This is when you discover that he’s following you—and he only moves when you look away Nevermind GOAT, this might make it to the Creepiest Of All Time lists.


BOO! Gotcha didn’t I? Deny all you want in the comments below. For more sppoky videogame stuff  check out Five Asian Horror Games You Can Play Now and 6 Asian Horror Flicks for Hungry Ghost Month


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