5 More Crazy Video Game Controllers You Need See
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 04, 2020

We’ve shown off some ridiculous and insane controllers before but by jove, there’s still a lot of crazy controller design ideas out there that they couldn’t be contained in one list. From slime shaped controllers to 200-dollar living room nightmares to a back rub vest?! Here are 5 more crazy videogame controllers!


Dragon Quest Slime Controller

Image: Nintendo Soup


Unlike most of our entries on this list where they’re bad design ideas from the past, the Dragon Quest Slime controller was actually made for the Nintendo Switch. Now I don’t know what handling a controller that’s shaped like an upside-down Hershey’s Kiss is like but I can’t imagine it feels great. I especially don’t like the fact that the face buttons and the d-pad are molded to the curves of the thing so that can’t be very comfortable. Also, I don’t like thinking that if you have to put it down without its little dock, you’re either resting it on the sticks and buttons or it’s going to rock back and forth like a lifeless blue top. I can’t imagine purchasing this thinking it’s going to be a great ergonomic experience.


© Destructoid


“But hey, let’s be real, it’s Dragon Quest, so this controller is probably sold by the boatload.”


Katana: The Soul Controller

© YouTube user TheRelaxingEnd


Just when you think that you know all the answers, the Katana Controller for the PS2 from Capcom x HORI changes the question. One such question is, forget about playing games, how do you even place your fingers on this thing?! The shoulder buttons are all lined up in the back, the face buttons are in a weird square layout and there’s literally no way to tell which is the left analog stick and which is the right. I’ll tell you what though, this design is all wrong. 


Cheetah CharacteriStick Joysticks

Image: UnrealityMag


There’s a lot of things that are troublesome about the Cheetah CharacteristicSticks than just their name. For example, in practice, the idea of a video game controller shaped like your favorite superhero is kind of a cool idea. However, in practice, you kind of just end up gripping your long Batman while maneuvering it about and pressing the buttons vigorously. If you’re parents caught you at the wrong angle, good luck explaining that one.


“Uhh…Xenomorphs will be Xenomorphs?” / Image: Kotaku


Steel Battalion 

via Imgur


We can’t talk about crazy controllers without ever bringing up this behemoth of a controller for Steel Battalion. This crazy monstrosity had four separate segments that you would presumably lay out through your entire coffee table to play the Xbox mech game it was designed for. There were 2 Joystick panels, a center panel with knobs and buttons, and a pedal bit that you put on the floor. All in all, there were 40 distinct buttons, knobs, and switches that you could press and pilot your mech with including a self destruct button! Perhaps the craziest thing about this? The whole thing costs a whopping 200 USD!


“Computer, divert all auxiliary savings to Xbox and wait for my mark.” / Image: bizzNES17 on YouTube

Massage Me Controller

Image: CoolThings.com


The Massage Me controller is a revolutionary piece of technology that blurs the line between a fully-functional controller and relaxing back rub. This amazing device is basically is actually the world’s first and only co-op controller because it requires 2 people to use it: The massage recipient and the masseuse. 


The way it works is that one “player” puts on the little vest thing while the other presses the buttons that correspond to the buttons on the modified Playstation gamepad. The buttons then actually activate the massage motors in the vest and give the wearer a motorized rubdown. Perhaps the best thing about this is that when the creators of the Massage Me controller were showing it off, they were using Tekken 3 as a demo game! 


Oh yeah man, do a couple more of those Electric Wind God Fists on my shoulders…. aahh / Image: CoolThings.com



Got any other crazy controllers that you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out  Local Co-op Games to Play with the Whole Family and How the Philippine Gaming Scene is Helping the fight against COVID-19!


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