5 Quick Tips to Lead you to Victory in Legends of Runeterra
Posted by Raphael Leynes May 15, 2020

Riot’s new collectible card game, Legends of Runeterra has been out for a few weeks and if you’re anything like us then you’re probably playing the heck out of it. In our time with the game, we’ve learned a few things that make life easier and getting that sweet, sweet victory screen a lot more consistently.


Make a Riot Account

OK, super basic stuff first, If you don’t have a Riot account, make a Riot account. You can totally play on your device via a Google Play or IOS  account but the main thing is if you want to ever play on PC, you’ll have to start over with a Riot account since there’s no way to merge or consolidate your progress. I had to learn this the hard way and now I have to leave behind the sweet, sweet cards on my phone account. It’s too bad I could’ve gone pro, I could’ve been the Michael Jordan of Runeterra but that’s gone now.


Find Your Champion


Once you get through the tutorial on how to play the game and taken the few starter decks out for a spin, you’ll want to find your champion or champions which best suits your playstyle. Doing so allows you to narrow down the regions you want to represent (to a maximum of 2),  what kind of deck archetype you want to play and your card pool that you can build your deck with.

Do you want to just bash people’s faces in with BIG BOIS? Then you might be interested in Darius or Garen. Do you want to deliver some early beatdown? Then Zed and Katarina are your buds. Or maybe you want to set something up for a big finish? Then Lee Sin or Lux is good with that. There are a variety of champions that do a lot of cool things and work in different situations so you’ll want to check them all out cause they’re all pretty great. 


But if you play Spider Queen Elise, we can’t be friends. I’m sorry.


Know When To Push

One of the coolest things about Legends of Runeterra is that much like the MOBA it is based on, you can “push” when you have the advantage on the field.

The way it works is connected to Runeterra’s unique turn structure. In Runeterra, the player with attack token has priority to play their cards first. Once they cast, they pass priority to their opponent for them to play their own cards. However, if the player with the attack token has the advantage on the board, by having more or stronger units, they can choose to not play a card, and attack “pushing” their advantage and not giving the defending player a chance to summon another unit that could potentially turn the tide. 


You can win a lot of matches just by effectively using this mechanic. There is some nuance to executing it so takes a little practice to master but the main rule of thumb is “If you have the advantage on the board just attack immediately”.


Don’t Worry About Unspent Mana


If you come from a mana-based card game such as Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone then you probably have this tick of trying to use up all your mana/gems on your turn to maximize value. In Legends of Runeterra, while this still holds true to some degree, choosing to not spend your mana isn’t as vital to gameplay.

For one thing, mana refills on each round regardless of whether it’s your turn to attack or not, so you can always have enough mana to cast a spell or an ally when the need arises. Another thing is that in Runeterra if you don’t use up all of your mana by the end of the round, it’s not completely lost. The game automatically saves up to 3 of your unspent mana as spell mana which you can use for spells next turn. 


So don’t feel bad about leaving some mana unused, you can still use it on spells on the next turn or save it up for a big spell down the line. 


Get On The Right Reward Track


When you get the hang of the game and start stringing together some wins, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve selected the correct reward track for the region that you’re repping. Doing so ensures that your wins will go towards unlocking cards that you can actually use and work well with the deck you’re playing or the one you want to build. 


Juabe, our resident copywriter, also recommends that you level up all regions to at least 8. The exp needed to reach it isn’t that high, and you’ll get one champion from it. That’s eight potential champs to choose from. It’ll also expand and diversify your collection fast


That’s our list, we hope we’ve helped you out with a few things. If you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share  let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you in Runeterra

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