5 Ridiculous Monstrosities Disguised As Videogame Controllers
Posted by Raphael Leynes April 15, 2020

So everyone’s up in arms about how bad that new PS5 controller looks eh? In our opinion, it actually looks quite good. It’s certainly not the craziest looking controller of all time. That honor belongs to these fine pieces of hardware.


Here are 5 of the weirdest aberrations and monstrosities disguised as controllers!


Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

Source: Youtube via TheRelaxingEnd


At first glance, the Chainsaw Controller that came with the limited edition copy of Resident Evil 4 looks pretty cool. Until you realize that you have to actually play video games with this lumbering power tool. Yes, my friends, you have to actually have to hold it like you would an actual chainsaw. If that wasn’t enough, someone at Nuby Tech design team had the great idea of putting shoulder buttons on the actual handles of the thing and hiding the Game Cube’s Z button underneath its face groove. 


Source: Reddit via u/heycoa

Hey Nuby, if we wanted to be confused by questionable button layouts, the original N64 Controller was doing just fine at that.


Additionally, the way you press start on this beast is by pulling the starter cord just like a real chainsaw and it makes the sound every time so you gotta admit that’s pretty rad. Actually I’ve changed my mind, BRB I got an order to make.


Mad Katz’ Lynx 9

Source: Trend Hunter


Let’s face it, you can make an entire list off of the insane hardware that eclectic Mad Katz has made throughout the years but the Lynx 9 definitely takes the proverbial cake. This wireless controller looks like it would just as soon claim your primitive human blood for the machine overlords than play Flappy Bird. 


However, despite looking like an unused Michael Bay Transformer design, the idea behind it is actually pretty nifty. It’s made of two detachable “wings” that you can attach to a tablet or mobile device. The grips can also be adjusted to depending on your preference and also have a keyboard attachment if you need it.

Source: NewAtlas.com

Just make sure you have a weapon handy in case it gets any bright ideas.


Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style PSone Pad

Source: Youtube via IGN


This Wu-Tang Clan logo shaped controller is a textbook example of branding winning over good design. And it won. It won HARD.


The controller was made to coincide with the release of Wu-Tang Clan: Shaolin Style on the original Playstation. Too bad it wasn’t made with proper ergonomics, user experience and even good taste for that matter. At least you have a good excuse when you get your butt handed to you by Method Man: “Well, YOU try playing with a giant asymmetrical ‘W’!”


ASCII Keyboard Nintendo Game Cube

Source: Youtube via Cross ChopWhat’s hilarious about the ASCII Keyboard controller is its brute force way of solving an aged old problem: How can we get the functionally of a PC keyboard onto a controller? One “hold my beer” meme later, we arrive at this monstrosity.


It’s clunky, inelegant and most of all absolutely frickin’ huge but you gotta admit, it definitely solves the problem. In the same way, that guy from FullMetal Alchemist solved his chimera and human speech problem. As a bonus, if you hold the thing like a regular controller you can get your arm workout in while playing a bit of Wind Waker so there’s always an upside is what I’m saying.


Death Crimson Sega Saturn Controller

Source: Kotaku


If there’s one thing that a game with a crazy over-the-top name like Death Crimson needs it’s a crazy over-the-top controller. Luckily, sculpture artist Sumi Takamasa was all too happy to oblige. Just take a look at this MONSTER HUNTER BOSS disguised as a controller!


Designed as a sort of giant mounted-light gun for the Sega Saturn, to start playing you actually have to put your entire console inside the thing, step-up platform and use the entirety of both your arms to point and shoot at the screen. If you thought setting up your VR headset is bad enough, then get ready for this bad boy to gobble up your floor and shelf space. 

Source: http://mylittlegamingblog.blogspot.com/

“We gotta put the crib somewhere else, Sheila, Daddy gotta blast some fools” 



Is that PS5 Controller looking better already? Got any other crazy controllers that you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out  Local Co-op Games to Play with the Whole Family and How the Philippine Gaming Scene is Helping the fight against COVID-19!


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