5 Strongest Videogame Families
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 14, 2021

A great thinker once said: nothing is stronger than family. So in our bid to amass absolute power, GG Network has compiled 5 of the strongest families in the world of videogames. 


The Tojo Clan | Yakuza

Screenshot: Yakuza 0 | Sega


The Tojo Clan is as bonded by blood as much as they are bonded with their heinous crimes and murder sprees. Comprised of over 30 families aligned and at one point having over 30,000 members active, they are a massive and vicious clan that makes the Sopranos look like the Brady Bunch.


The main protagonist of the Yakuza series, Kiryu Kazuma was a former enforcer of the Tojo Clan and is capable of feats of impossible speed and strength


And not too shabby in the ole karaoke booth too.


If that’s just a small example of the sheer violence, power and musical acumen that the members of the Tojo clan are capable of, then they are clearly not to be messed around with.


The Cages | Mortal Kombat


Screenshot: Mortal Kombat 11 | NetherRealm Studio


If you’re not up on your Mortal Kombat lore, then it would surprise you that brash and egotistical Johnny Cage has actually fathered an offspring and fostered a great family–contrary to literally everything imaginable.


Screenshot: Mortal Kombat 11 | NetherRealm Studio

Yeah this guy


And what a family of badasses they are. We got the aforementioned actor martial artist Johnny Cage, we got military mommy, Sonya Blade and the newest addition to the Cage clan, Cassie Cage. Together they command the Special Forces and protect the earth realm with their high tech weaponry, fists, and kicks.

Now, who wants to see good ol Johnny teaching splitting nut punches to their grandkids? Please make it happen NetherRealm.


The Mishima Family | Tekken

Screenshot: Tekken | Bandai Namco


To call the Mishima family dysfunctional would be like calling Heihachi Mishima’s hairline “receding”—a gross, unfathomable, understatement. 


Screenshot: Tekken | Bandai Namco


Just LOOK at it

Still if we’re talking about most powerful videogame families, the Mishima’s have to be up there. In addition to controlling one of the Tekken universes biggest and most powerful corporations complete with its own paramilitary security force, their bloodline is plagued by the Devil Gene an evil genetic curse that corrupts members of the family and gives them terrifying otherworldly demonic powers and abilities. 


Also, the Mishimas have a proud tradition of throwing each other into a bottomless chasms towards certain doom. Except they don’t in fact ever die but instead emerge far stronger than they were before. You’ve heard of trial by fire right? This is trial by cliff.



Screenshot: Tekken 5 | Bandai Namco


Also this guy is their great great great great grandaddy.


The Belmonts | Castlevania


What is a Belmont? A miserable pile of unrelenting power. It’s true though,  for your family to be tasked with hunting down and killing the immortal, all powerful Dracula and his hellish army, you have to be able to know your way around a fight. 


Thankfully, the Belmonts from Castlevania are up to the task. Each descendant is armed with literal centuries of experience dealing with horrific creatures of the night, incredible fighting skills and magical spells and the crown jewel of monster slaying, passed down from generation to generation, the straightforwardly-named Vampire Killer.


Additionally, it’s one thing for your immediate living relatives to be fearsome badasses but it’s another thing entirely to keep that greatness flowing through generations and generations dating back to when your ancestors were barely pixels.


Screenshot: Castlevania NES | Konami


Now that’s an enduring legacy.


The Chthonic Gods | Hades


Screenshot: Hades | Supergiant Games


At our number one slot for the strongest video game family is the Hades family, the uh… Hadeses? Hadi? Whatever.


Where everyone else on the list are basically mortal beings that rise up against impossible, godly entities, The Hady Bunch are the actual Gods themselves. 


While being killing a few vampires or representing the Earthrealm in some tourney may seem impressive by ordinary mortal standards, it doesn’t seem like much when compared to commanding and governing the very concept of life and death in all of existence.


And when it comes right down to it, the Hades clan aren’t afraid to get down and throw some hands using divine weapons known as the infernal arms. The sword of, the bow of and even a terrifying device known as the infernal rail are just some of the weapons at their disposal. 


Screenshot: Hades | Supergiant Games


Poppa Hades is known to spank with the spear when his children misbehave.


Proof that once again nothing is stronger than family. Especially this specific family of eternal omnipotent gods. 

There you have the strongest families known to videogames. By the time this comes out we’ll fully expect that the meme has been done to death and over with. But you know what not overdone? GG Network your gateway to family.

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