A Quick Rundown of Everything That’s Coming in Hearthstone’s Felfire Festival
Posted by Paolo Arciga June 12, 2020

Last April, Hearthstone introduced the new Demon Hunter class with the release of its latest expansion, Ashes of Outland. It was a monumental addition that completely revitalized the game’s overall experience, and Illidan’s arrival alone makes Ashes of Outland one of the most content-packed expansions we’ve ever seen in Hearthstone history. 


For such a huge event, you’d think that Ashes of Outland has already shown most of what it has to offer (aside from the yet-to-be-released Solo Adventure), but don’t let your guard down just yet. The Felfire Festival is coming up, and there are still a few villains set to arrive in Outland led by none other than the cybertronic demon lord himself, Mecha-Jaraxxus.


Illidan’s welcoming party is looking to be just as explosive as his hero class launch, so what does the Felfire Festival have in store for us? Here’s a rundown of all the content coming our way, as well as the dates that they’ll be made available. 


Pirates have boarded the ship in Hearthstone Battlegrounds (June 10)

The Pirate minion tribe was added to Hearthstone Battlegrounds last June 10, featuring 15 new minions and three new heroes, as well as one reworked hero (Patches the Pirate) from previous versions of Battlegrounds. If you’ve got a Tavern Pass, you can try out the new Pirate heroes earlier than most, as they’re set to be available to everyone on June 23. 


For full details on the latest Battlegrounds patch, you can check out its patch notes. I’m lucky enough to have a Tavern Pass and I got to try the new heroes ahead of time, and I can tell you that they’re pretty powerful and that you’re gonna have a lot of fun playing them. While Pirate board strategies have yet to achieve their perfect form, the Battlegrounds meta is a lot of fun right now, because most players are trying new and fun strategies instead of trying to win with the old Mackerel builds (good riddance, Holy Mackerel). It’s a good time to get back to playing Battlegrounds if you haven’t played in a while!


Take on the Rusted Legion as Aranna Starseeker (June 18)

On June 17, all five chapters of the Ashes of Outland Solo Adventure are set to release, and the awesome news here is that the Solo Adventure is completely free. There aren’t a lot of details about it right now, so we’ll just have to find out about the rest ourselves when it releases, but here’s what we know so far: the story centers on Aranna Starseeker (Elise’s little sister!) as she takes on the Rusted Legion led by Mecha-Jaraxxus. In order to build up the strength to fight against the Rusted Legion, she enlists the assistance of Illidan and the Demon Hunters, and it seems that Aranna is about to become a Demon Hunter herself.


Aranna will also be joining Hearthstone Battlegrounds as a playable hero on the same day that the Solo Adventure is released, and she’s got a pretty interesting hero power, too. For more details, you can check the patch notes linked above, but here’s her hero portrait and hero power.


Test your deckbuilding might in the Trial by Felfire Challenges (June 25)

But wait! The Ashes of Outland offerings don’t stop at just a new hero, a free Solo adventure, and a big Battlegrounds update! On June 24, we’ll also be getting a Challenge Mode called the Trial by Felfire Challenges. It seems to be the Heroic difficulty version of the Solo Adventure, where instead of premade decks and set heroes, you’ll be using your own card collection to fight against the Rusted Legion. Of course, you can still choose to stay in character and play the whole thing with the Demon Hunter class: Aranna will be joining Illidan as a Demon Hunter hero portrait if you purchase the Aranna Starseeker bundle between June 18 and July 8.


Burndown and Rumbledome Tavern Brawls (June 25 & July 2)

Finally, to top it all off, we’ll be getting the oldie-but-goodie Burndown Tavern Brawl back on June 24, as well as the new Rumbledome Tavern Brawl on July 1. If you haven’t played the previous Burndown Tavern Brawls, it works like this: you and your opponent are given premade current-meta decks, and the loser will play their next Brawl with their previous opponent’s deck. It’s basically a mass elimination tournament for decks, where only the strongest ones can stack the wins and stay on top.


The Rumbledome Tavern Brawl lacks a few details for now, but we know that it’ll be based on the heroes and villains that’ll appear in the Solo Adventure. You’ll be picking a class and choosing a special weapon to play against your opponents. Who the heroes are and what the weapons will be, we’ll just have to wait and see. 



For more details on each week’s main attractions and rewards for the Felfire Festival, you can check the announcement post on the official Hearthstone site. Now, I believe it’s time to ring in the beginning of the festival with a wicked musical number; Take it away, Mecha-Jaraxxus and friends!


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