Animal Crossing Free August Update: Dreaming, Fireworks, and Cloud Saves!
Posted by Donna Almonte July 31, 2020

How’s it going, fellow Animal Crossing fans? I admit it: I’ve fallen off the AC:NH wagon since the July update. But I’m hopping back on for sure—I’m excited about how Wave 2 (Summer Update) can help us explore new horizons even more. While it’s not as grand as Wave 1, new joiners and burned out players alike all over the world can rejoice! Reinvigorate your love for designing your dream island and showing them off—in your dreams! 


Starting July 30, here are the changes to expect the next time you update and open up your game: 


Dreaming Is a Thing! 

Meet Luna / Image: YouTube via Nintendo

Catch some shut-eye by heading to your bed and choosing the option to sleep. Luna, the mysterious anteater, will appear and connect you to islands all over the world. All you need is your friend’s dream address! It’s amazing because it hits two birds with one stone: you can coordinate a visit without the hassle of the tedious Dodo Airlines process. And when you visit, the host island stays the way it is (because dreams are ephemeral). You’ll still need your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, as expected.


That means no stealing flowers, for one, and other infractions that communities have kicked out members for. I’m excited to visit other islands purely for inspo, since I’ve run out of ideas for my island. What a refreshing change, and with apt timing for burned out players like myself. *heart eyes*


Fireworks Makes Sundays More Fun

Sundays are more fun in the AC world! / Image: YouTube via Nintendo


Every Sunday during August, enjoy a brilliant fireworks display along with fun activities, including Redd’s Raffle! (though it seems sketchy!) There’s no news yet on exactly what players can win. More art? Hundreds of NMTs? Who knows? 


Feast your eyes on fireworks shaped like Isabel! / Image: YouTube via Nintendo


Launch your own custom-designed fireworks and light up sparklers with your beloved villagers. This may have been more timely for the 4th of July, but I’m glad they still gave us this update. Imagine being able to see your design bursting into a full spectrum of colors across the dark blue sky. Summer has definitely arrived! 


Cloud Saves Your World From the Void

It’s not the most exciting new feature, but it’s definitely important! / Image: YouTube via Nintendo


Are you worried all your hard work will go to waste? Worry no more—AC:NH has got everyone covered by letting us all save our islands. Note: Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required. We’re not sure if it means you can play your save on another system later on. But at least, even if you lose or damage your Switch, your save slot will be safe up in the cloud. 


Wait, before you go—this won’t be the last of the free updates! Nintendo teased a Halloween-themed update by Fall! Can we please have The Roost to go along with the cooler autumn season? That’s all for now! Follow Isabel (@animalcrossing) on Twitter for more official updates.

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