Damwon’s Journey to the Worlds 2020 Championship
Posted by Yuri Mangahas November 05, 2020

After a month of incredible battles at Summoner’s Rift, the League of Legends World Championship 2020 has come to an end, with uncrowned kings Damwon finally reaching the summit of victory in a four-game thriller against LPL’s rising underdogs Suning Gaming. 


The Korean squad seemed virtually unchallenged throughout the tourney as Damwon clinically dismantled their opponents, including previous Worlds finalists G2. The same can be said for their opponents, as Suning literally and metaphorically rose against any obstacle thrown on their path. They even took out fan-favorite Top Esports in a very convincing manner to blast critics and dash their way to the finals.


The hometown heroes of Suning Gaming were primed to take the crown this year.


Much to their chagrin, the LCK team is primed to unseat LPL off the Worlds throne in more ways than one.


A Battle of Wolves and Lions


The two competitors looked evenly matched at the beginning of Game 1, with both teams checking out objectives and moving cautiously across the map. It wasn’t until the 10-minute marker that the game finally popped a First Blood prompt with SofM snuffing out Nuguri at the top lane. The kill didn’t stop Damwon, however, from taking down two drakes and the Rift Herald at the initial phase of the game. Suning challenged Damwon to a massive clash after the Korean squad claimed the infernal soul and their third dragon kill at the 21st minute, resulting in a horrific one-for-four trade and a free Baron for the Korean team. Respecting the tenacity of Suning, Damwon held out on champion takedowns and focused on objectives to slowly snatch map control from the LPL squad. With Damwon dishing out their second Baron kill, breaking Suning’s nexus became an easy feat.


An off-meta battle between Damwon’s Evelynn and Suning’s Rengar became the main highlight of Game 2.


Looking to even the odds with Damwon, Suning outplayed the enemy team and prevented the Korean challengers from carrying out free kills on the elemental drakes. While Canyon slew Huangfeng at the early phase of Game 2, it did not stop the Chinese underdogs from landing multiple drake kills to snowball the gold gap. While Suning managed to steal Herald off Damwon’s hands, it wasn’t enough to repel their adversaries, yet. The Korean squad took out their carries in a messy clash at the mid lane, allowing Damwon to slow Suning’s momentum and take the soul point. Both teams played it by ear and fought nailbiting clashes until Suning’s Bin utilized Fiora’s speedy skill kit to ace Damwon in a spectacular pentakill play, leaving the nexus open for the Chinese underdogs.


Damwon Howls Back

Contrary to the live audience’s expectations, Damwon has more cards up their sleeve to trounce their heroes and make it out of the Rift alive and triumphant.


The Korean squad exploited Suning’s questionable draft and pinned their carries at every turn, with Damwon taking out their first drake and the Rift Herald to cement their lead in Game 3. The next minutes in the game proved disastrous for Suning, as the LCK team systematically slew their enemy champs one by one to push all lanes and contain the underdogs within the map. While Suning showed signs of life and aced Damwon to contest the Baron, it was all for naught as Damwon prioritized their ADCs and moved to kill the second Baron uncontested. The Korean team broke their way through the middle lane and left three champions from Suning dead to claim their second win in the finals.


With Huangfeng and Bin’s champion pool exhausted by Damwon, victory became an easy feat for the Korean squad.


Things are looking grim for Suning as Damwon fielded a unique Kindred-Caitlyn combo to broaden their lead in the fourth game. The Korean squad even exhausted Huangfeng and Bin’s champion pool, forcing the underdogs to deploy a squishy late-game draft. Moreover, Damwon kept on dishing out kills and stealing objectives whenever they saw fit, not wanting to give Suning a sense of respite and comfort. With a massive gold lead in their hands, Damwon simply waited for the fourth drake to spawn to hammer the final nail to Suning’s championship hopes, and they did, decisively. 


Suning can only watch as the Korean squad barrel their nexus to bag the championship.


Uncrowned Kings No More


Six months ago, Damwon were a middle-of-the-road team hovering around fifth place in the LCK. After getting bounced from the Spring Playoffs by DRX and finishing with a 9-9 record for the split, the team had been counted out of Korean domestic play for the foreseeable future. Even despite reaching Worlds 2019, it was becoming largely accepted that this new era of DWG was destined to be simply average.


2020 became a different story, as Damwon howled back and became a genuine threat at the LCK summer split. Players like ShowMaker, Ghost, and Canyon went from reasonably good pieces of talent with high potential to world-class superstars in the matter of just a few games. 


Damwon celebrates after winning a nailbiter finals against Suning.


Poetically, the former uncrowned kings slew their inner demons and persevered amid harsh criticism and pressure from the fanbase to reach the top. With Damwon’s win, the LCK is firmly back on top of the world. The fact that Damwon had to claim victory over the region that took the crown from Korea only makes this world title that much sweeter for a team that felt like it had been destined to win since the tournament began.


Truth be told, destiny turns its eyes to those who strive the hardest. 


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