E3 2021: Ubisoft Forward Reveals R6 Extraction, New Mario x Rabbids and An Avatar Game
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 14, 2021

Ubisoft was first up to bat at this year’s E3 and kicked off the biggest video game trade show for 2021. The highlights of the show include the much-awaited gameplay reveal for the PvE Rainbow Six Extraction, a first look into the new Mario Rabbids Game, Spark of Hope and some promising villain-centric DLC for the upcoming Far Cry 6. 


Ubisoft also announced a bevy of smaller updates and new content coming to its many games.


Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft Forward began with its biggest and meatiest reveal in the show: a gameplay deep dive into the much awaited PVE spinoff of Rainbow Six Siege, called Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly known as Quarantine)



Extraction will be 1 to 3 player cooperative experience featuring operators from the Siege Universe. The gameplay seems like a more tactical variation of horde-style co-op shooters like Left4Dead or Killing Floor, incorporating strategy, stealth and destructible environments. 


Players will also be able to customize and upgrade existing Siege operator gadgets into more powerful one thanks to the games progression system.


Operators can also end up getting captured by the enemy and will be rendered unavailable until they are retrieved and brought back into the fold. The idea of permanently losing progress was also mentioned.



Afterwards,Ubisoft followed up with a new iteration of Rocksmith featuring a very robust companion app Rocksmith Plus. There’s also going to be a Garage Band style interface where players can experiment and store songs. Sign ups for the open beta are available now.


Riders Republic

Ubisoft also showed more of its free roam extreme sports sandbox Riders Republic which showed a lot of promise in delivering high octane, thrill seeking fun with a ton of other friends.


From there, Ubisoft revealed a slew of new updates coming to its games:

Rainbow Six Siege: Northstar

For Honor Year 5 Season 2 Mirage

Trackmania: New Royale Mode & World Cup

Brawlhalla X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Crew 2

Watchdogs: Legion-Bloodline

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon turns 20 years as a franchise this year and Ubisoft teased that they’ll have something to commemorate the momentous occasion.


Just Dance 2022

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Siege of Paris

Ubisoft also celebrated the success of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and heralding future content by way for The Siege of Paris coming this summer as well as another major story DLC that has something to do with revisiting the Norse god Odin.

Ubisoft also gave viewers updates on their non-video game-related products, Mythic Quest Season 2, and the feature film Werewolves Within.


Werewolves Within

Mythic Quest – Season 2

Far Cry 6

Although Far Cry 6 was revealed earlier this month, we got another glimpse into it’s world with a new cinematic trailer.

It’s Season Pass will also be something to look forward to, seeing as players will be able to play as the iconic villains of Far Cry’s past, Vaas, Pagan and The Father.

Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario, Peach, Luigi and all their Rabbid counterparts are back and this time they’re embarking on an epic space fairing adventure!


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Perhaps most baffling of all, the Ubisoft Forward’s big “One More Thing” closer was a game based on James Cameron’s Avatar— a movie that was released in 2009 and is barely in the social consciousness of today. It’s definitely a very peculiar choice, coupled by the fact that it was very hard to parse what type of game it was going to be. The footage which was captured from Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop engine, was very nondescript. 

Possibly a first person action adventure, even a VR on the rails thrill ride. It’s for someone I guess.


What was your favorite announcement from Ubisoft?  For more Ubisoft stuff check out Excuse Me, Far Cry 6, Was That A Macarena Gun? and Rainbow Six Siege Asia Really Needs A Language Queue

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