EILAT 2020 PH Qualifiers Recap: Representatives Named for 12th Esports World Championship
Posted by Yuri Mangahas October 13, 2020

The smoke has finally cleared and the die has been cast as the Philippine representatives for the 12th Esports World Championship have been determined after a series of grueling matches in the qualifiers.


Maru Bests Hapon to Secure Tekken 7 Slot

EILAT 2020 PH Qualifiers – Tekken 7 Highlights

Amazing effort and willpower from BrenEsports_Maru to win the EILAT 2020 PH Qualifiers -Tekken 7!#EILAT2020PHQualifiers #SimpleSmartAko #PESO #PHEsports

Posted by GG Network on Monday, 5 October 2020

After managing to trounce Tekken 7 prodigy AK in the losers bracket, Maru advanced to the grand final for a fated duel with his Bren Esports teammate Hapon. Maru leveraged a well-timed rage drive on Steve Fox to overturn Hapon’s advantage and take Game 1. While Hapon pressured his opponent to mitigate any potential comebacks, Maru decisively wrapped up Game 2 with a deadly rage art.


Not wanting to fall without a fight, Hapon’s Lei Wulong countered Maru with a series of leg swipes to punish his teammate and log his first win. Hapon didn’t hesitate and used his momentum to even the series and break Maru’s spirit with a 3-0 victory. However, the loss didn’t faze Maru as he picked Fahkumram to overwhelm Hapon and halt his advance in the IESF qualifiers.


Neon Esports Trounces Adroit in Two-Game Shocker

EILAT 2020 PH Qualifiers – Dota 2 Game 2 Highlights

GGWP Neon Esports! Relive their 2-0 victory at the EILAT 2020 Dota 2 Finals PH Qualifiers.#EILAT2020PHQualifiers #SimpleSmartAko #PESO #PHEsports

Posted by GG Network on Monday, 5 October 2020

SEAG veterans Adroit faced off against Neon Esports in the final round of the Dota 2 qualifiers. While both teams played a steady game of attrition in the initial minutes of the first game, a messy encounter in the jungle allowed Neon Esports to widen the gap against Adroit. In an effort to put a lid to Neon Esports, Adroit equipped Snapfire with the Aghanim’s Scepter to initiate pick-offs and push through Neon’s turrets. However, Neon’s Yopaj saw through the strategy and utilized his ultimate to land a kill and force the enemy team to retreat. With IG’s Pangolier dealing pickoffs left and right, Neon Esports mounted a push at the bottom lane to leave the Dire’s base vulnerable. Despite Adroit’s attempts for a stalemate, Neon launched one final attack to hammer their opponents and win Game 1.


Boomy may have drawn first blood to open the second game of the finale, but the kill didn’t prove sufficient to stop Neon’s momentum. Neon unleashed Yopaj like a mad beast to repel Adroit’s carries and contain their presence on the map. A timely kill to Yopaj, however, provided an opportunity for Adroit to farm resources and snowball their heroes. While the SEAG vets managed to pick off two of Neon’s heroes, Yopaj continued his assault and slew Adroit’s carries to continue their siege at the Dire’s base. With all chess pieces in place, Neon destroyed Adroit’s core to secure the Dota 2 slot for the Philippines.


EnfaltenMaximuS Takes Out x3nd_Jobenx in Heart-Stopping Finale

EILAT 2020 PH Qualifiers – PES2020 Highlights

A heartstopping matchup between EnfaltenMaximuS and x3nd_Jobenx! Check out the highlights below.#EILAT2020PHQualifiers #SimpleSmartAko #PESO #PHEsports

Posted by GG Network on Tuesday, 6 October 2020


EnfaltenMaximuS showcased amazing skills as he pummeled x3nd_Jobenx to represent the Philippines in EWC. The two players closed the first game with a draw as both FC Barcelona and Juventus didn’t score any goals before the end of regulation. x3nd_Jobenx pressed the attack against EnfaltenMaximuS and took advantage of a defensive slip-up to drive Messi with the matchup’s first goal.


x3nd_Jobenx nailed a 2-0 finish in Match 3 to secure an advantage, but EnfaltenMaximuS siphoned every ounce of his will to win Match 4. EnfaltenMaximuS leveraged his momentum to overwhelm x3nd_Jobenx and ended his IESF qualifier campaign with a cheeky play in Match 8.


The representatives will advance to the regional phase of the tourney in the hopes of landing their spots in the main stage of the 12th Esports World Championship in Eilat, Israel.

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