Five Multiplayer Horror Games to Play with Your Friends This Halloween
Posted by Paolo Arciga October 22, 2020

Playing a horror game is a lot like eating excessively spicy food: you know you’re gonna have a bad time, but you just can’t pass on the thrill of it. Sometimes you just want to test your limits when it comes to braving through jumpscares and spicy chicken wings. And while hot sauce challenges and scary games don’t seem to have much else in common, there’s still one thing that rings true for both of them: they’re a lot more fun when you’re taking them on with a few friends.


If you and your friend group have already cleared a couple of missions on the recent hit horror game Phasmophobia, and you’re itching for some more multiplayer horror action, here are five more games that you and your buddies can shoot, sneak, and scream your way through. 





If you enjoyed Phasmophobia but found its graphics and level detail a bit lacking, then Pacify might be worth a try. Among the titles on this list, Pacify is the closest to the Phasmophobia experience as it’s a co-op game where the players must scour through a haunted house to investigate its resident ghost, and ultimately escape before it can kill anyone. 


Pacify is playable by up to 4 players, and its central horror mechanic lies in the ghost lady that resides in the house. The ghost lady will shift from being a passive ghost to a hostile entity depending on the player’s (or players’) actions, and the best way to keep you and your party safe is to keep her in check. In order to pacify her, you need to unravel the house’s mysteries and locate materials as well as scary dolls scattered around the house, with your final goal being to burn the dolls to a crisp in the house’s basement. Despite the game’s straightforward objective, there are several ways to clear a stage, and it all depends on how well you and your team work together to avoid the ghost’s attacks and gather those crucial materials.


Dead by Daylight



There is arguably no better video game for horror movie fans than Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer game that can accommodate up to 5 players. In Dead by Daylight, you’ll be playing as either one of four survivors, or as the killer in a 4-versus-1 situation where your end goal will depend on the role you get. As a survivor, you and three others will have to work together to power five generators in order to open one of two exit gates, or you’ll have to look for a key to an exit hatch that can let everyone escape. As the killer, you need to capture and kill the survivors and place them on certain points on the map as part of a sacrificial ritual.


The game features over 20 playable survivors and 20 playable killers, with a lot of them coming from popular horror movies and series, such as the Friday the 13th franchise, the Evil Dead franchise, and even Stranger Things. The best part is that the killers are given special powers and abilities to balance out the asymmetrical gameplay, which makes the game feel much more like a playable horror movie. After all, you can’t take on four survivors alone without some kind of super-strength, immortality, or chainsaw. 


Left 4 Dead 2 



For players who grew up in the golden age of Left 4 Dead 2, the game might elicit some fond memories of playing with your friends online or heading to the computer shop after school to shoot up some zombies for an hour or two. L4D2 has been around for a long time, and its heyday has long passed especially with the release of bigger and better horror games over the past few years. But you and your buddies might want to consider reinstalling the game, because just last month, Left 4 Dead 2 received its first major update in years.


L4D2’s The Last Stand update features over 20 new maps, new weapons, and previously unused voice lines recorded for the original game. The update also comes with some bug fixes and improvements to the PvP experience, if that’s your preferred game mode. While a huge update to L4D2 might have underwhelmed players waiting for a third entry to the series, there’s definitely enough content in the update to keep us happy while we wait for news on Left 4 Dead 3.


No More Room in Hell



Ever wondered what a zombie shooter game would be like if getting bitten by a zombie actually affected your character? We’ve all seen it in every popular zombie game that’s come out in recent years: somehow the main characters never seem to get infected no matter how often they get bitten–it’s all just damage to your HP. In No More Room in Hell, however, that’s not the case, because this game is basically what happens when you take Left 4 Dead 2 and give it a much more realistic makeover.


No More Room in Hell is a multiplayer zombie shooter game based on the films of George Romero, and it features much more realistic gameplay than the zombie shooters you’re used to. In NMRiH, ammo is scarce, there’s no HUD, and most importantly, any false move will result in a zombie biting you and rendering you a danger to your team. The game does away with the glam and glory of zombie shooters, and feels much more like a survival horror game where you’re fighting to live, rather than to exterminate infinite waves of zombies. While the game has several other small details that amp up its realism, it might be better to just try and see it all for yourself. After all (and this is the best part), No More Room in Hell is completely free to play.


In Silence



While Phasmophobia might have taken the horror game spotlight in recent months, another new horror game that was released just recently on early access is In Silence. It’s an asymmetrical multiplayer game similar to Dead by Daylight, where 2 to 6 players will take on the role of survivors and one player will be assigned the role of the Rake, a cryptid whose blindness is made up for by its hypersensitive hearing.


The game’s core mechanic is the monster’s blindness and how it responds to audio cues. As the Rake, you do possess some limited vision (imagine how you might see if you needed 6.00 prescription glasses), but the screen becomes much clearer when survivors knock over a nearby object or step on a brittle branch or bear trap. The quality of the Rake’s vision is completely affected by how much sound everyone else makes, so players in the role of survivors will need to tread very lightly and make sure the Rake isn’t around before using items that create sound. Survivors will need to distract and strategically hide from the Rake in order to escape the forest, but there’s also an option to pick up a weapon and fight the Rake yourself. While the game is still in early access, its affordable price tag (just under 300 pesos) and interesting mechanics make it worth checking out.


Still looking for more horror games to play? Want to try playing some single-player horror games? Then make sure to check out our list of five Asian horror games that’ll surely raise the hairs on the back of your neck. And for more video game news and updates, make sure to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page.

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