Hearthstone is Getting a New Core Set and a Classic Mode
Posted by Paolo Arciga February 10, 2021

It’s 2014, and Firebat just won the Hearthstone World Championship. Everyone had a Chillwind Yeti and a Sen’jin Shieldmasta in their decks. Lord Jaraxxus was still a playable card. It was a pure time in Hearthstone when its numerous future expansions had yet to introduce new mechanics, new modes, and even a new class to the game.


Fast forward to 2021 and Hearthstone is a month away from turning 7 years old. After so many expansions and cool new cards, the game has become much bigger and a little more complicated to figure out for newcomers. Usually, those new to the game could always make do with cards from the Basic and Classic sets, which are some of the first cards you’ll ever get in Hearthstone, but once you reach a certain level in the Ranked ladder, you’re gonna need all the new cards and meta knowledge you can get.


The Basic and Classic card sets, having remained mostly the same for the past six years, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because they help to ease new players into understanding the game’s mechanics and each class’s signature playstyles. They also serve as great stand-ins for when you don’t have the cards to complete a current-meta deck just yet. Missing a certain Legendary in your Pure Paladin deck? It’s never a bad idea to slot in a Tirion Fordring in the meantime.



As Hearthstone’s Year of the Phoenix approaches its end this April, we’ve come to know it as the year of big changes. A new class, a new progression system, and new game modes were some of the highlights of the past 10 months, but it seems that they’ve saved the biggest change for last, because soon we’ll be getting an update to the Basic and Classic set. That’s right, our beloved cards in Basic and Classic are finally being laid to rest in the Wild format, and they’ll be replaced by the upcoming Core set.


The Core set will be a curated collection of 235 cards that will serve as the new Basic and Classic sets for newcomers, and it’ll include returning cards from previous expansions, new iterations of old favorites, as well as 29 completely new cards. These cards can be obtained in the same way as Basic and Classic cards: through leveling up each class and opening Standard packs. While details have yet to be revealed on what kinds of cards we can expect in the Core set, it’s likely that the set will include newer, evergreen keywords like Discover, Rush, and Lifesteal, so it’ll be much less vanilla than the Basic and Classic sets we know.



Given how near and dear the cards from the Basic and Classic sets have been to us, the Hearthstone team aren’t moving them to Wild without giving players a chance to revisit them in their purest forms, which is why alongside the launch of the Core set, we’ll also be getting a new Classic format. 


The new Classic format brings us back to 2014 with all 240 cards from the Basic and Classic set in their un-nerfed states. That’s right: Edwin VanCleef, Leeroy Jenkins, and Warsong Commander among many other cards are coming back with their original costs, stats, and effects, allowing everyone to experience what Hearthstone was like back when we didn’t have all those fancy new keywords and mechanics. The Classic format will be introduced with the upcoming set rotation, and it’ll be a separate format from Standard and Wild.



BlizzConline 2021 is coming soon, and it seems that we’ll be getting more information on Hearthstone’s upcoming changes through the BlizzCon streams, so make sure to mark your calendars for Blizzard’s biggest event of the year. We’ll be covering all the major updates to be announced during BlizzCon, so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page.


Do you have any predictions for the upcoming Core set? And which classic decks are you most excited to try out in the upcoming Classic format? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And for more details on the upcoming Core set and Classic format, you can check out the official Hearthstone blog.

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