Hey Listen, Dark Souls with Guns isn’t as Easy as You Think it is
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 24, 2020

So you’ve probably seen that Dark Souls 3 mod that gave your character guns. So did I. And just like me, you probably thought that was going to make the game an absolute breeze to go through. After all, what chance does a bunch of ghouls and monsters have against the righteous fury of a high-powered, fully automatic firearm from the future? You’d surely Rambo through the game faster than you can say “Plin Plin Plon” and you’d look awesome doing it. 


Tell me that’s not a good look

If these were thoughts that you had then just like me you are dead wrong. Having downloaded the mod and putting some hours with it in the game, I can seriously say that having guns in Dark Souls is not actually as easy as it sounds. Here’s why:



Warning: Installing mods in Dark Souls may cause your account to be permanently banned from the servers on the grounds of cheating. Do so at your own peril and play offline to keep the gameplay experience fair for everyone.


Ammunition Fixation


Okay, so first of all, there’s the issue of ammunition. With Dark Souls being set in a fictional medieval fantasy world, you don’t exactly have bullets just lying around everywhere and you’re a few millennia shy of Gun shop. As such, you’ll have to make do with the crossbow bolts available from Creepy Granny at the Firelink Shrine. These babies don’t come free and you’ll have to cough up 10 souls for a single measly bullet. So that means you’ll have to spend a lot of time just farming for bullets for your gun. Which is always fun.



On top of all that, in importing this metal death machine from the far-flung future, you somehow forgot to bring along magazines or ammo holsters or any other means of carrying ammunition  which means you can only have 99 bullet/bolts equipped at a single time before you need to return to the nearest bonfire to restock. Considering that the very point of an automatic firearm is to shoot things really fast then it won’t take very long until you need to go home to your little campfire or you switch to a sword to get things done—at which point you’re just playing regular Dark Souls. How fun!



Estus Brutus?

Another unexpected side effect of having ashen corpses wield the power of a rapid-firing bullet dispenser is that they aren’t used to controlling the recoil on it—which is the only possible explanation as to why it takes just as much stamina to fire a single bullet as it does to swing a giant metal sword. It literally takes your whole stamina bar to pull the trigger and keep a little chunk of steel steady just enough to fire around 6-7 bullets. 


As such, you’re going to have to be careful with your character’s stamina just as you more or less have to in vanilla Dark Souls. You still have to move and reposition and fire responsibly. You still have to attack just enough so that you have enough stamina left over for those all-important dodge rolls.


So yeah, you can kiss that fantasy of just holding down the trigger and rinsing the Lords of Cinder with 6 million bullet holes like an embered up Arnold Schwarzenegger. So much for that “Cinder-minator” YouTube video you wanted to film. ‘


And the poorly-executed reboot: “Cinder-minator: Genysys”


All I’m saying is having guns in Dark Souls isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s still hard, okay? And it’s not because I’m bad at Dark Souls. I’m not. You are. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a ticket to Weenie Hut Jr’s. to book.



Am I being a big weenie? Or is Gun Souls harder than it looks? Let us know in the comments below! For more videogames stuff check out Six YouTube Channels Every FromSoftware Fan Should Know and 5 Most Mouth-Watering Depictions of Food In Videogames


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