ICYMI: Inazuma is Now Available in Genshin Impact Patch 2.0
Posted by Yuri Mangahas July 23, 2021

It’s official: Genshin Impact‘s long-awaited Patch 2.0 update has been released, finally giving players the opportunity to explore the game’s third-biggest map: the Nation of Eternity, Inazuma. This updated map isn’t the only change coming to Genshin Impact with version 2.0 – the inbound patch will also add gardening and changes to the Spiral Abyss.



Let us delve deeper and check what’s in store for players in the Inazuma patch.



A Grand Rebellion Awaits


Tohma introduces Aether to Ayaka as they discuss the situation in Inazuma.


Coming off the heels of the interlude arc in Patch 1.6, the next Archon story will feature Paimon and Lumine/Aether as they seek the help of Kazuha to enter the land of Inazuma. The intrepid pair discover that the nation has secluded itself from the world and launched a massive hunt for Vision wielders across the land, courtesy of the Raiden Shogun – also known as the Electro Archon. The isolationist views of Raiden Shogun, as well as the Vision Hunt Decree, have affected Inazuma’s populace badly, prompting a group of warriors to band together in secret as part of efforts to depose the government. 



Just as Mondstadt is inspired by Germany, and Liyue, China, Inazuma is a chain of islands based on Japan in the Tokugawa era. Aside from temples and old-styled buildings, the map will also feature tea houses, Sakura trees, forests, minefields, and a massive cave built from the remains of a monstrous entity. Key locations in the map include the following:



Grand Narukami Shrine: This mountaintop shrine protects a sacred sakura tree that resembles a fox. The tree symbolizes the Electro Archon’s protection of Inazuma.



Mikage Furnace: This floating forge lies in a crater and harnesses the power of Tatarigami to smelt ore.



Musoujin Gorge: An unnatural ravine formed when the Raiden Shogun sliced a giant serpent in two with a thunderous slash. The blow was so powerful it cut Yashiori Island in two. The serpent left behind Electro pulses known as Tartarigami that locals have harnessed as a power source.



Inazuma City: The capital of Inazuma. The city is home to the Raiden Shogun’s Tenshukaku.



Kamisato Clan Estate: Located in the centre of a misty forest and surrounded by Sakura Blossoms lies the Kamisato Estate. From Ayaka’s tea room you can spy Inazuma City and the Raiden Shogun’s castle.



Inazuma is filled with ronin and samurai warriors that are out on the hunt for foreign entities and Vision wielders. Players will also encounter new enemies such as ruin sentinels, mirror maidens, perpetual mechanical arrays, and Maguu Kenki units from the Golden Apple Archipelago. The Pyro Hypostasis will also make a debut in the upcoming patch.



Ruin Sentinel



Mirror Maiden



Perpetual Mechanical Array



Pyro Regisvine



New Map, New Characters



Several new characters will also debut in Patch 2.0. Traveler and Paimon will encounter these characters as they unravel the situation in Inazuma and fight against the iron-clad rule of the Raiden Shogun.


The heiress of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, Kamisato Ayaka is a noblewoman from Inazuma who works in tandem with her elder brother to manage the family’s internal and external affairs. She is a kind-hearted girl with a pleasant temperament who treats others with politeness and courtesy. She holds the people of Inazuma dear to her heart and often goes out of her way to personally assist them in all kinds of matters.





A talented pyrotechnician, Yoimiya is the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks and dubbed by Inazumans as the “Queen of the Summer Festival.” She possesses exuberant creativity and passion for firework displays that always leave people pleasantly surprised. She wields her bow to assist Lumine/Aether and Paimon on their quest.





Sayu is a pint-sized, agile ninja associated with the Shiyuumatsu-Ban who uses unique ninjutsu known as “Yoohoo Art” to defeat unsuspecting enemies. She firmly believes that sleep can replenish all her energy and help her grow taller. In order to live by this principle and have as much time to nap as possible, she honed her ninjutsu to perfection.





Gorou is a long-time associate of Kazuha who uses a Geo vision and a bow in battle. According to Kazuha, Gorou is tactless and uninhibited by other people’s feelings. He also describes him as someone who gets along well with his fellow subordinates and would draw his sword to protect them.





Thoma is the chief retainer of the Kamisato clan with short, messy blond hair and green eyes. He’s very observant of people and is in a close relationship with the Kamisato siblings. He remains a mystery to most Inazumans, but it is said that he would happily draw his bow to protect Ayaka from any opposition.





The head of the Sangonomiya resistance, Kokomi is a wise and resourceful military adviser who charismatically leads the rebel faction to battle. She uses a Hydro Vision to empower her abilities as a mage. She encounters Paimon and Traveler as they attempt to quell the situation in Inazuma.





Kujou Sara is the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan who loyally serves the Electro Archon as her chief retainer. She supports the Raiden Shogun’s Vision Hunt Decree and leads troops to seize Visions. Kazuha bears a deep grudge towards Sara as she was responsible for the death of his friend. She is the only Inazuma allowed by the Raiden Shogun to wield a Vision.





Known as the goddess of eternity, the Raiden Shogun is the current Electro Archon and leader of the Inazuma Bakufu that rules over Inazuma. She is a suppressive ruler that drove the spirits of Inazuma away into the forests. It is said that she cleaved the entire land of Inazuma during a fierce battle with a mighty serpent, creating the gap that separates the islands of Inazuma from one another. Little is known about the Raiden Shogun’s history, but she is not one of the original Seven who emerged victorious from the Archon War.





Pick Your Weapon




Patch 2.0 will introduce a new feature that will allow players to pull and snag weapons of their choice. Players can now “chart a course” toward a rate-up 5-star weapon through the Epitome Invocation banner, and after obtaining a different 5-star weapon twice in a row, their next 5-star weapon pull will be the one they chose, guaranteed.


The developers of the game also announced a cross-save function between players’ PlayStation Network and miHoYo accounts, allowing players to transfer their save between PS4/PS5 consoles and PC/smartphones. The cross-save function will also likely be implemented on the Nintendo Switch version when it releases.



Excited to play Genshin Impact’s Patch 2.0 update? Let us know your thoughts on the comments!


Now Reading: ICYMI: Inazuma is Now Available in Genshin Impact Patch 2.0
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