It’s Possible to Play Red Alert 2 On Your Smartphone
Posted by Raphael Leynes April 23, 2021

It’s 2021 and possible to play Red Alert 2 on your smartphone now thanks to a fan-made browser emulator!


Red Alert Chrono Divide is a fan-made browser emulator that runs a limited version of everyone’s favorite classic RTS from Westwood Studios on any browser. Its creators stated that the undertaking was done to see if they can actually pull off running the almost 20-year-old game through the internet.

The official description on their website states as such:


“The project initially started out as an experiment and was meant to prove that it was possible to have a fully working, cross-platform RTS game running in a web browser. Now, with a playable version already available, the end-goal is reaching feature parity with the original vanilla “Red Alert 2” engine.”


This also means that any device which has access to a browser can theoretically run the game—even your smartphone. We put this to the test using my personal mobile device and while it does indeed run—you can load up the game, navigate its menus, deploy your MCV, start building structures, and train units—the game’s map navigation (usually controlled by scrolling to the edges of the screen) doesn’t work. So you’re hilariously stuck viewing only your base while you fill it up with units and structures until the enemy puts you out of your misery.


While the mobile experience is still a lot to be desired, Chrono Divide is actually pretty promising in concept. It offers a free and accessible way to consume and play a limited version of Red Alert 2 multiplayer, at least until an official remaster is released.


The current alpha build of Chrono Divide is still pretty barebones as it is. You can create and join multiplayer games and select 8 countries between allied and Soviet factions and utilize a handful of basic units on each side as well as country-specific signature units.


The full unit and tech tree isn’t available as of yet so that means we’ll have to wait a while before we start spamming Kirovs and Rocketeers, reenacting their eternal battle. As of the moment the units available are as follows: 


For the Allies, the GI, Attack Dog, Engineer, Chrono Miner, Grizzly Tank, Prism Tank, Tank Destroyer (Germany) Sniper (Great Britain) are all available. While for the Soviet the Conscript, Attack Dog, Engineer, Tesla Trooper, War Miner, Rhino Tank, Apocalypse Tank, Tesla Tank(Russia), Terrorist (Cuba) Demolition Truck (Libya) are operational.


Additionally only the multiplayer aspect of the game is available for play. So the glorious FMV cutscenes and the crazy, campy story of the campaign aren’t in just yet. You can watch your own previous games via the Replays feature though so that’s a cool bonus.


Of course, Chrono Divide also falls under the grey area of emulators and as such isn’t exactly the most legal way to consume your favorite game. Especially, since Red Alert 2 and all 17 Command and Conquer games are available on the EA Play Store.

We’re still holding out on that Red Alert 2 remaster though.


What would you do when you heard “Kirov Reporting”? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out 5 Bad Videogame Endings That Made You Regret Finishing the Game and Well, Dark Souls is Halo now

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