Killjoy is Going to Put Valorant’s Meta on Lock
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 31, 2020

Killjoy is Valorant’s newest agent to join the roster since its launch. She’s a powerful site-defender with a bevy of area-denial and area-control skills that make entering the bombsite an incredibly challenging task—must be why they called her Killjoy. We’ve previously broken down Killjoy’s look and design, now let’s pick apart her skills and abilities!





What it is: Alarmbot is a little doggie drone that will become invisible once deployed. When triggered by a nearby enemy it explodes dealing a decent amount of damage and inflicting a double damage status on opponents in the area.


What it’s good for: The Alarmbot or the Goodest Boi™ as I’d like to call him is a great tool for detecting enemies and halting their push. It’s going to primarily function like one of Cypher’s trip mines, giving Intel on enemies that trip it and giving you and your team the advantage in the ensuing firefight after. 


The double damage debuff seems very powerful. If an opponent gets hit with this, it doesn’t matter where you hit them, they’re going to hit the floor really really quick. We still don’t know how long the debuff lasts but it’s clearly most potent right after it’s triggered. 





What it is: Killjoy’s Turret is essentially another gun on the battlefield. It fires at enemies that are within its 180-degree cone of vision in 3-shot bursts. 


What it’s good for: From the initial reveal it looks like it does a meager amount of damage but if you consider that in Valorant if you’re shot, your movement slows down to a crawl then the Turret is actually more powerful than it looks. With it, Killjoy can single-handedly set up deadly crossfires in various chokepoints and entry points to a site. 


It’s still not clear if the turret has an uptime or if just stays there until it’s destroyed.




What it is: Nanoswarm is a deployable trap similar to Cypher’s Cage. When it’s activated, instead of a visibility-blocking screen, it unleashes a swarm of nanobots that do an incredible amount of damage. 


What it’s good for: Nanoswarm is probably Killjoy’s deadliest device. Judging from the preview video, it just immediately obliterates anyone within its radius. This will be amazing in conjunction with her and her teammates detection tools. Once Killjoy detects someone on the trap…  NO, NOT THE BEES




What it is: Killjoy’s ultimate is called Lockdown. She deploys a beacon that covers almost a site-wide area and after about 10 seconds of deployment, it explodes and discombobulates all opponents in its radius. The effect seems to be a combination of slow and Breach’s stubs and if you look closely at the clip, it looks like it unequips opponents’ guns as well. You don’t want to be near that thing when it goes off, I guarantee you. 


What it’s good for: Lockdown is going to be a very powerful tool for defending a plant or dropped spike since it’s going to be very good at dictating when and where an engagement is going to be. 


The wind-up time before it activates does take a while but I think this will be part of what makes the Ultimate strong. Given the bevy of disorienting effects that it has when it blows, I doubt many will be willing to charge into the area and risk the effects. Most people will probably opt to wait it out until it blows before charging in so if Lockdown is used in the right timing, it can guarantee the round for Killjoy’s team.


We still don’t know if the Lockdown has friendly-fire but if you and your team are immune to its effect it might be possible to use Lockdown as a way to aggressively clear the site you want to take on the attack. Most players will probably vacate the site since Lockdown’s effects are so punishing which will free your team up to plant and set-up


Overall thoughts: 

Killjoy is going to be very, very powerful. She’s going to be an absolute beast on the site, able to cut off entry points, set up one-person crossfires, deny detect flanks and stop pushing opponents dead in their tracks. Killjoy’s going to be the best on when defending, but she’ll also be very strong on Attack defending the site post-plant. 


There are still plenty of unanswered questions about her kit though like: Can her hidden gadgets be spotted and destroyed if players walk? Does her turret have an uptime? Or will it stay there until it’s destroyed? How many does she have of each gadget? However, as it stands, Killjoy is well-poised to put a Lockdown on Valorant’s meta.


It’s actually fitting that Killjoy comes out with Ignition Act II in August, otherwise known as the  Ghost Month because everything in Valorant is going to be a lot scarier with her deadly traps lurking at every corner. I cannot wait!


What do you think about Killjoy? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out Top 5 Games With Equally Interesting Anime and Familiar but Not Too Familiar: Valorant Month One Review


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