Magic: The Gathering Arena is Finally Coming to macOS This Week
Posted by Christer de Guia June 23, 2020

It’s a good week for Apple fans this week with WWDC 2020 ongoing. To add to that goodness, Wizards of the Coast has recently announced its partnership with Epic Games Store, bringing the online card game to macOS on June 25.


Starting this Thursday, you can download MTG Arena for the macOS through the Epic Games Store. The initial release on macOS will have cross-platform support with Windows releases, which will include the upcoming Core Set 2021 release.


You can access your collection, gems, and gold from when you first started playing MTG Arena on Windows. / Image: Wizards of the Coast via Jake Javier


Windows MTG Arena players will be able to log into the game using their existing Wizards Account credentials and access their current collection, gold, and gems. However, you will still need to download the Epic Games Launcher in order to access and download the game.


Wizards of the Coast has mentioned that partnering with Epic Games Store was “the fastest way [they] could get a native, full-featured macOS client to [their] players.” Aside from native support, there will be no significant differences between the macOS and Windows version of the game. As of today, there haven’t been any announcements on a mobile version of MTG Arena.

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