Melbits World Coming to Southeast Asia via Google Play and the App Store
Posted by Christer de Guia April 05, 2021

It’s a Melbits World and we’re just living in it. Melbits World, a cute 3D puzzle platformer from Melbot Studios with help from AKG Games, is now available on both Google Play store and the App Store in Southeast Asia!


All About the Melbits

Melbits are modern-day pixies transformed for today’s digital landscape. They have found fertile ground in the Internet age and are hidden within every connected device such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Every time we chuckle at dank memes or enjoy a cat video, Melbits get energized and multiply in strength and number


Protect this Melbit at ALL COSTS | Photo: AKG Games


Just like us humans, Melbits face discord in their world whenever we experience online toxicity and cyberbullying. To maintain harmony in their world, players will guide Melbits through puzzles in an immersive 3D environment. Melbits World is a straightforward yet challenging puzzle-platformer that will test your motor coordination skills as well as your brains!


For the Family

The puzzler allows you to explore 72 levels across six worlds with unique challenges. AKG Games also has partnered with the Spain-based developer to adapt it for Southeast Asia’s mobile-centric gaming audience.


For its Southeast Asian mobile launch,  Melbits World, previously available on PC and console devices, will provide various customization options including dressing up your Melbits avatar with iconic Southeast Asian-inspired accessories, including the Filipino Salakot.


A salakot-wearing Melbit | Photo: AKG Games


“Melbits World received overwhelming reviews and strong feedback when it was first launched in Europe and we are confident that the game will resonate with Southeast Asia’s discerning gamers,” said David Montero, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Melbot Studios. “It has been a pleasure adapting this title with AKG Games. We are sure more players will embrace this title’s core values of positivity, inclusivity, curiosity, and education.”


Melbits World can be played on your Android and Apple smartphones right now!


Check out the trailer below:

Now Reading: Melbits World Coming to Southeast Asia via Google Play and the App Store
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