Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Plays Support For Their Community
Posted by Raphael Leynes May 07, 2020

515 is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s world-wide campaign which is celebrated annually as a festival on May 15 featuring in-game, online and offline activities but this year, due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), all on-ground activities have been converted to online events to make sure everyone will stay at home while participating in a series of events from April 17 to May 17, 2020.


Moonton started off by launching its first-ever online intercity match called Community Hero: City Rival where teams from 40 cities all over the Philippines battle it out to prove who deserves to be number one, taking the giant’s share off of the 300,000.00 pesos prize pool. The matches will run from April 17 to May 17. 



This year’s 515 event also features four uniquely themed weeks of online challenges for fans of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Among the challenges that have already concluded are The Music & Dance Week, Painting and The Bottle of Truth Week



This coming week (May 7-May 14) the event will be Low Budget Cosplay Week where participants get to dress up as their favorite MLBB heroes using any and all props or costumes which they can find or put together at respective homes. The five most creative cosplayers will each win a Nintendo Switch. Photos can be shared on the following social media platforms: TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #515Cosplay




Fans and players can collect materials for weekly check-ins in-game with the biggest check-in to win physical rewards like Airpods, Beats Solo, and Nintendo Switch! Winners will be raffled during the finals of Community Hero: City Rival.


Moonton has also stepped up in the recent month’s during the COVID-19 crisis to provide happiness and extend assistance to those through a charity event called  Crazy Legends: Charity Homestand,made in partnership with Save The Children Philippines to help children in need during the ECQ. Twenty of the biggest MLBB streamers such as  Doggie, ChooxTV, Z4pnu, and Eruption competed by streaming fun quests on their own channels from April 15 – 19. Streamers also had their chance to earn cash donations in an event called Victory for Charity last April 19 by simply playing MLBB on their stream and earning $10 for each ranked win.



Moonton and Mobile Legends Bang Bang are looking forward to seeing everyone again once quarantine is eased but until then, they encourage everyone to stay at home and eParty with them. 


For more on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, follow its Facebook page 


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