Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Unveils Project NEXT
Posted by Yuri Mangahas July 27, 2020

Moonton is giving long-time Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans a treat with the launch of Project NEXT, an initiative that aims to revamp outdated heroes to fit them well into the current meta. 


Announced July 19, the project focuses on the optimization and “reconstruction” of the heroes’ traits, designs, skills, and storylines.


A Stronger Blade

Alucard gets a slight redesign and an augmented single-combat capacity in the revamp.


MLBB’s resident demon hunter, Alucard, is slated to receive his second revamp in the game. Unlike his previous reworks, the redesign will only involve a few tweaks on the fighter’s iconic blue coat and hair. Moreover, the developers aim to optimize his solo-combat ability on the battlefield.


His passive skill, Pursuit, will receive a significant increase in single-target damage, allowing Alucard to secure effective kills in the offlane. His Fission Wave ultimate will also see a massive update. The updated ultimate will enable Alucard to mark enemy heroes and deal extra damage coupled with the effects of his passive skill.


These traits will definitely make Alucard an ideal pick against split-push tactics and jungler compositions.


The Way of The Bow

With a sleeker new look and a new plethora of skills, Miya will be a force to reckon with in battle.


Despite being touted as MLBB’s face (Sorry, Layla.), Miya is one of the least picked heroes in the marksman meta with a draft rate of 0.16 percent. Moonton aims to change that by giving the blue-clad archer a much-needed revamp.


Unlike Alucard, Miya’s outfit will be given a complete redesign to emphasize her relationship with the demon hunter. Her updated Moon Blessing passive skill will allow Miya to summon a clone that will dish out extra damage to enemy targets. Coupled with the passive’s stacking attack speed bonus and her Moon Arrow skill, Miya will prove as a force to be reckoned with in a clash.


Additionally, her ultimate skill Arrow of Eclipse will now stun enemies for 1.2 seconds, enabling Miya and other heroes to catch their opponents off-guard and secure an ace.


The Next Phase

Freya received a massive revamp prior to Project NEXT.


Prior to the project, Moonton has made significant changes to the game the past year. Heroes like Valir, Pharsa, Natalia, Freya, and Yi Sun-Shin were reworked to make them useful to the current meta. Moreover, the Imperial Sanctuary has been introduced as the MOBA’s standard playing field, improving the playing experience for the fans.


“Since MLBB’s Project Next is a long-term project, we also designed an exclusive logo for Project Next to match MLBB’s vision in the pursuit of better quality and elevated gaming experience for our loyal gamers,” said William Mei, marketing manager for MLBB’s Philippine segment.


“Gold symbolizes glory, justice, and passion. The dazzling blue gem comes from the in-game defense turret, which not only represents hope but also acts as a beacon to guide us forward. The v-shaped part at the bottom, which is like a reflection of a mountain peak, symbolizes the past achievements and the whole fresh adventure awaits, just as the name “NEXT” implies,” added Mei.


With Project NEXT in full swing and the next installments of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League inbound, we can truly say that the game will elevate even further in the years to come.

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