MPL-PH Season 5 Week 6: Sunsparks and ONIC PH Face Off
Posted by Yuri Mangahas May 25, 2020

It was the final week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League’s regular season and all teams are throwing everything they have in their tank to contest their spots in the fifth season’s playoffs. It will take more than guts, passion, and hardwork to claim glory in the final stretch of the MPL.

Let us recount the main highlights of MPL-PH Season 5’s final regular week:


SGD Omega (W) vs Blacklist International

Blacklist International returns to Week 6 in top form as it yearns to bag a spot in the upper brackets of the tourney. The only thing standing in their path is a resilient SGD Omega team, which has shown remarkable performance after the league’s one-month break.

In the first game, SGD fielded a defensive draft composed of Khufra, Jawhead, and Esmeralda. The three tanks supported Hadjizy’s Claude throughout the entire round, allowing the marksman to land his power spike and deal heavy damage to the attackers of Blacklist. With Kenji pushing back the former Evos squad with cover fire, the Dragons secured Game 1 decisively.

Proving his capacity as “Mr. Fundamentals,” Kenji drafted Rafaela in Game 2 to sustain SGD on the map. The Dragons maintained their funnel strategy with Hadjizy’s Claude as their main attacker. Haze’s Atlas distracted Blacklist International from picking off Kenji and Hadjizy, while Toshi’s Esmeralda roamed within the jungle to snag important kills. With all chess pieces in place, SGD bested Blacklist International to win the match.


Geek Fam PH vs BSB (W)

While the team already secured their position in the lower bracket, BSB sought to showcase their mettle in their battle against Geek Fam PH. The same could be said with the Season 4 contenders, but it may have been too late to unleash their resolve in the tourney.

BSB fielded Thamus and Grock to defend their squishy attackers in Game 1. Trebor’s Natalya served as BSB’s scout in the map, while Sman and Shaiderqt warded off any attempts to deter their defenses. Ultimately, Wilson’s Selena and Jeraxnu’s Kimmy snowballed halfway the game and dished out kills left and right, leaving BSB to break Geek Fam’s core.

BSB played a little experiment in the second game, as Trebor and Shaiderqt deployed Popol & Kupa and Angela respectively to support Jeraxnu’s Bruno. Wilson’s Pharsa, on the other hand, destroyed Geek Fam’s rhythm with his well-time feathered air strikes, nailing the orange squad’s fate in the fifth season.


STI vs Execration (W)

STI showed signs of life in the opening stages of the match, as they snuffed out Execration’s frontliners in the laning phase. LARD’s Kaja rose to the occasion and challenged the white-clad veterans, shutting them down and pushing Execration to their base. However, the momentum didn’t run for long as Hate and Bennyqt capitalized on STI’s errors and picked off the eOlympians one by one. Despite a strong defense from STI, Execration shattered their opponents’ core to take Game 1.

Relentless on maintaining their upper bracket spot, Execration pulled out all stops to dismantle STI’s hopes. Bennyqt’s Hayabusa operated as a support assassin for Hate and E2MAX, while the Ch4k and Z4k connection created chaos on the battlefield. After securing a Lord kill, Execration wasted no time and destroyed STI, ending the eOlympians’ run in the league.


ULVL vs SGD Omega (W)

After weeks of hiatus, Basic finally returned to the league to propel ULVL at the last stretch of the tourney. However, the Dragons are more than eager to sustain their position in the playoffs.

SGD started out strong by employing Khufra and Kaja to deter ULVL’s attackers, while Toshi’s Esmeralda scouted the jungle for pick-offs. ULVL tried to derail SGD by repelling the latter’s tanks, but it only bought the other Dragons time to secure objectives and resources, ending in a hard-fought victory for Kenji’s squad.

The Dragons did the unthinkable in Game 2, as Hadjizy utilized Lancelot to counter ULVL’s mobile draft. Moreover, SGD’s 1-3-1 combo repelled ULVL’s attempts to steal objectives, hampering Basic and the team from landing any potential power spikes for their heroes. ULVL may have regrouped to mount a final defense against the Dragons, but SGD proved triumphant at the end of the battle.


Sunsparks (W) vs ONIC PH

What a way to close MPL-PH’s regular season but with a much-awaited faceoff between Season 4’s top teams. Both Sunsparks and ONIC PH knew how important this match would be, as the battle will determine the landscape of the league’s playoffs.

The Season 4 runner-ups controlled the jungle area in the laning phase of Game 1, as Sunsparks struggled to funnel resources for their frontliners. Rafflesia initiated Sunsparks’ counter-offensive by forcing ONIC PH to commit on his Grock, allowing the blue-clad champs to corner their adversaries and win Game 1 in a heartbeat.

The M1 representatives battled back and forth in Game 2, and while things looked murky for ONIC PH, the Season 4 runner-ups played a battle of attrition to exhaust Sunsparks’ resources. With Sunsparks’ attackers out of the picture, ONIC PH capitalized and stole Game 2 from the champions.

As a response to ONIC’s strong backline, Killuash fielded Freya to repel the runner-ups’ support heroes and create space for the rest of Sunsparks to snuff their opponents. Jaypee’s Esmeralda, on the other hand, played his card and dished out massive kills for his team. The die has been cast, as Sunsparks ultimately seals ONIC’s run in the regular season.



Catch the playoffs of MPH-PH Season Five, as it airs from May 29 through 31 at GG Network’s Facebook page.

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