MPL-PH Season 6 Unveils New Format
Posted by Yuri Mangahas August 14, 2020

Ten teams will wage war in the Land of Dawn, as the sixth season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League is set to kick off with new faces, exhilarating battles, and significant changes to the tourney’s main format.


Change Has Come

MPL-PH will debut a pseudo-conference format in Season 6.

As announced previously, Aura PH, ONIC PH, Bren Esports, Execration, Omega PH Esports, BSB, Blu Fire, and Blacklist International were invited to join the tourney. On the other hand, Cignal Ultra and Nexplay Predator Solid underwent a grueling series of matches in the qualifiers to secure the final two spots in the regular season. These teams will vie to claim the lion’s share of the league’s staggering $120,000 prize pool.


Unlike the previous seasons of the MPL, the teams will be divided into two groups in a pseudo-conference format. Teams within the same group will play two best-of-three matches against each other. Teams from the opposing group, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to face their counterparts in single BO3 matches. 


The top eight teams will advance to the playoffs in October and compete in best-of-five, single-elimination matches to earn berths in the best-of-seven finale.


The New Banning System

Perhaps the most significant change in the league’s storied format, MPL-PH Season 6 will introduce a five-hero banning system in the tournament. Players from each team may ban up to three heroes in the initial phase of the draft and will be allowed to remove two more in the succeeding phase. 


Moonton hopes to test the players’ capacity to utilize other heroes in MLBB’s expanding pool through this new mechanic.

Shaping the MPL Landscape

Veteran shoutcaster Rockhart very much welcomes the idea of the new banning system. He noted that this would challenge the teams’ ability to deal with pressure and changes in every game.


“Well the biggest change in the MPL is really the five-ban system, that basically means most of the compositions teams that have been running for the past few months will be going down the drain. It opens up the ability to basically ban almost entire roles from the current pool of viable heroes, and forces teams to dig deeper into off-meta picks. Most notably, the tank pool will be more highly contested, since there are very few tanks that are currently viable in the game (Atlas, Khufra, Uranus, Hylos and Gatotkaca) and if a team decides they want to completely ban those out, the game changes quite significantly. It also introduces a massive favor towards teams that have a deeper hero pool, unlike previous MPL seasons where you’d see players on specific heroes repeatedly. Hero pool will be one to watch out for and will definitely favor teams with more multi-role players.”


Aura PH Head Coach Arcadia also mused his thoughts regarding the banning system. “I think there will be some heroes that we won’t see much of because of their likelihood to be banned, like Uranus for example, until he receives the relevant nerfs.”


“I personally prefer the old format since there is a technical advantage when you are in the upper bracket,” Coach Arcadia mused when asked about the tournament format.


The Initial Salvo

The initial salvo of Season 6 will kick off with a much-awaited matchup between Season 5 runner-ups ONIC PH and Bren Esports. While the statistics go in favor of the M1 representatives, this new Bren team will pull all stops and live to their #BrenLangAngMalakas battle cry.

On the other hand, Season 5 champs Aura PH will face off against the crowd favorites Execration. Will the methodic playstyle of the two-time champions outgun Z4pnu and his squad’s thirst for the crown? There’s only one way to find out.

Aside from these four teams, the other squads are also set to make their appearance in the opening week of the MPL.


A New Battle

If anything, the changes in the latest season of the MPL might simply indicate that MLBB is bound to adapt to the ever-evolving esports landscape. With the pseudo-conference format and the five-hero banning mechanic, the league is set to become legendary again.


Catch MPL-PH Season 6 from Aug. 21 to Oct. 11 (Fridays to Sundays) at GGNetwork’s Facebook page.

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