New Faces Emerge in MLBB Conference of The Nationals
Posted by Yuri Mangahas November 13, 2020

Following the success of The Nationals’ Dota 2 playoffs, the franchise-based esports league is set to make a legendary return at the Land of Dawn as the 2020 conference for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang draws closer.


The participating teams will play 20 matches each in a regular-length, double round-robin tournament format to secure their slots in the playoffs. The top four teams will duke it out with each other to claim the lion’s share of the season’s staggering 1.5M PHP prize pool – the biggest in the history of the league’s run.


New Faces, New Banners

A lot of things have changed since the finale of the first season. New teams have taken up new banners, while newcomers have risen to contest their legacy in the pantheon of the league. 


Meet the teams that will wage war against one another in the second season of The Nationals.


Bren Epro

Bren Epro’s Season 2 roster is the first hybrid team to join The Nationals.


Coming off the heels of the team’s victorious campaign in Season 1, Bren Epro have gone through a massive overhaul to cement their hold on the crown. Bren Esports’ championship-caliber players Pheww, Coco, Ribo, Karltzy, Flaptzy, and Ejhay have taken their spots on the team, along with female MLBB prodigy and Bren Victress captain Kolin. The black-and-yellow squad are primed to crush their opponents and sustain their dominance in the professional circuit.


Smart Omega

The 2019 SEAG Gold Medalists hunger for revenge in Season 2.


Perhaps the thickest thorn in Bren ePro’s championship reign, Smart Omega remained a consistent threat for most teams in the MLBB professional scene. The white-and-green squad managed to bag championship titles in conferences 1 and 2, only to lose the grand slam crown to their rival Bren ePro in the Season 1 finale. Heath, Kenji, Toshi, Haze, Hadjizy, Kurtzy, and Otit are out to avenge their loss and put an “omega” to their nemesis’ reign. 


Happy Feet Emperors

From social media celebrities to fully-fledged pros, the new HPE team is ready to unseat Bren off the pantheon.


After a dismal third-place finish in Season 1, a new team has arrived to take up the banner of Happy Feet Emperors. Rising MLBB players REIN, AL JON, KYLE, SHO., Chichie, REGI, and JAYPZ have replaced Dogie’s Nexplay team for the second season. With a string of recent victories on their plate, the former Team Payaman Pro will do whatever it takes to unseat the current champs and make it out of Season 2 as victors.


Cignal Ultra Warriors

The young CUW team looks to emulate their Dota 2 counterparts’ recent triumph.


You can’t count out MLBB’s resident Comeback Kings just yet. Cignal Ultra Warriors have reorganized their ranks after Season 1 to compete with podium-caliber teams and reclaim lost glory. ImbaDeejay, Der, Tsujin, RHEA, Bensanity, and Janus will bring their playoff momentum from the recently concluded MPL Season 6 tourney to rise as the new champs.


Laus Auto Group Playbook Esports Eagles

Season 2 marks AK’s official debut in the MLBB professional scene.


While Laus Auto Group Playbook Esports Eagles have dominated the Tekken 7 scene for two years in a row, the same cannot be said for the brand’s MLBB team in Season 1. LPE failed to best their opponents in the playoffs despite a valiant showcase in the regular season. Yakou, Beemo, Ryota, JakeTzy, Arvs, and Aspect will be joined by The Nationals Tekken 7 two-time champion AK to level the battlefield in the Land of Dawn.


STI eOlympians

Touted as the hardest-working player in the MLBB scene, Escanor debuts in The Nationals alongside a brand-new STI roster.


STI eOlympians remained an outlier for the initial two conferences of the league. While the team managed to show signs of life in the latter stages of Conference 2, it was the veteran dominance of Happy Feet Emperors that snuffed the eOlympians’ hopes of snatching the crown. Seasoned MLBB player Escanor will join Yatto, Dian, Kramm, and Deb to end STI’s curse and make it atop the tourney’s podium.


Catch The Nationals’ MLBB conference starting Nov. 14 on GGNetwork’s Facebook page.

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