No Biggie, It’s Just A Checkmate and 1v3 Valorant Clutch At The Same Time
Posted by Raphael Leynes March 16, 2021

You thought you were pretty hot stuff in Valorant? Or maybe you fancy yourself as a regular whiz at Chess? That’s cute. Twitch Streamer and professional Valorant Coach Ericsson “DodgeThiss” Marquez is both at the same time.

DodgeThiss is a full-time professional Valorant Coach for almost a year under professional esports team Oasis Gaming. He was also a former varsity player for chess and while it’s been a while since he played when sport got popular again last year, he found the perfect way to spice up his Valorant streams:

“I was pretty bored at the time and since I’ve been getting back into Chess at that time, I’ve been studying Chess. I used to be a varsity player for chess in my elementary days. Everyone loves chess nowadays, so I decided to just play Chess and Valorant at the same time, so why not. Let me try if I can think through it you know?


‘Why not’ indeed. Actually, our tiny, non-galaxy brains can probably think of many, MANY reasons as to why we can’t play both mentally and mechanically strenuous games at the same time but we’re not DodgeThiss are we?

The clip is just really out-of this world. If you hadn’t noticed, when the clip starts, DodgeThiss had only 42 seconds in Valorant facing a 1v3 with the game tied at 8-8. At the same time in Chess, he had only 36 seconds to make a move!  


First, he picks off the Yoru at the catwalk with a headshot. Then he buys some time by throwing a Recon Arrow, allowing him a few seconds to switch to Chess and use Bishop f4 to defend against a check. He then switched back over to Valorant with 25 seconds left using Sova’s Ultimate to draw out the enemy from cover. He then picks off the Operator-wielding Reyna and manages to predict where the escaping Jett ran off to, winning the gunfight and clutching the round. At that point, all that was left was to finish off the chess game with a checkmate while in the Buy Phase. EZ.


DodgeThiss says to navigate plays like this is all about having an active and present mind:

“I would usually just keep it in mind. While I was clutching I would be remembering what my next move would be.”

This mindset, He says, along with the furious passion for studying up about the game, is also his best piece of advice for players who want to improve and get better at either or both Chess and Valorant.

“Never stop studying the game. Never be content with what you know”


“…Your aspirations should match your effort. Never be content with yourselves. The moment you think you’re good enough, that’ll be the start of you falling behind. I put the most importance into studying so may it be Chess or Valorant, study your own games, study grandmaster games, study professional Valorant matches.”

“And never grind your games on autopilot. Always have a goal in mind to accomplish it, going into every game.” 


Finally, while DodgeThiss doesn’t have a set streaming schedule as of the moment, he says that he’ll definitely be streaming Chess X Valorant again:

“I’ll be doing it again sometime soon. I might be doing some additional handicaps, that’ll be fun.”

It’ll definitely be fun to watch!

You can find DodgeThiss_ on his Twitch or Twitter or check out the Oasis Gaming on Facebook page



If you have an absolutely crazy, otherworldly clip like DodgeThiss’, send us a DM on our GG Network Facebook page! 


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