Now Is The Perfect Time To Get Into Dead By Daylight
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 03, 2021

If you haven’t gotten into Behaviour’s excellent, asymmetrical, horror multiplayer Dead by Daylight yet, then right now might be the best time to start. In a span of a month, the game just released their biggest crossover to date with Resident Evil, introduced a much-awaited tutorial mode, and launched a very generous 5 Year Anniversary Event that just showers its players with incredibly generous rewards!

Whether you’ve been curious about the game or a lapsed fan, it’s also the perfect time to boot up Dead by Daylight!


Residential Treatment

Photo Credit: Behaviour | Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has already had many big-name crossovers with the most iconic horror movie franchises, such
Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Scream and even Silent Hill. However, last month, they launched what is probably their biggest collaboration to date: a tie up with Resident Evil that brings fan favorites Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy and Nemesis himself to the game!

This is a big deal since when legendary characters come to Dead by Daylight, it’s more than just a simple skin cosmetic or costume, it’s a full on interpretation of the character to fit the game! To wit, Halloween’s Michael Myers fills a stalking meter whenever he looks at survivors undetected that lets him track and instantly kill them if they let it fill and Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street traps you in the dream world where you are vulnerable to his abilities.

For Nemesis, he actually has zombies roaming the hunting ground and gets stronger as he infects survivors with the T-Virus through a devastating tentacle attack!


Murder by the Numbers

Photo Credit: Behaviour | Dead by Daylight


Just a few weeks ago, Dead by Daylight finally launched a dedicated tutorial mode for new players to properly learn the game even before hopping into a public match with actual human players.

The mode can be accessed at the main menu and will run you through all the basics such in playing as both Survivor or Killer as well as options to practice against AI before you take your skills public!

This is another significant improvement since before this, the only real tutorial that new players have is actually pages of text detailing the mechanics and they had to learn the ropes the hard way—playing against the intimidating masses.


The new system is a godsend which will let new players ease into the game at a pace that they’re comfortable with. Additionally, completing both tutorials and both AI practice modes will net players a hefty sum of 50,000 bloodpoints per mode totalling in 200, 000 Bloodpoints which is, trust me, a significant LOT of bloodpoints. Blood points are essential currency in Dead by Daylight which players can spend for character progression.



Happy Dark Christening

Photo Credit: Behaviour | Dead by Daylight


Best of all, since Dead by Deadlight is celebrating its 5-year Anniversary, it’s the perfect time to jump into the game due to all the fun festive makeover, community-based events, and incredibly generous rewards which will be up from June 30th to July 15th!

If you boot up Dead by Daylight right now you’ll be logging into a glorious macabre celebration with custom loading screens featuring the fun quotes from the dev team, to festive Flashlights, Med Kits, and Toolboxes that launch confetti and party poppers and balloons all over the usually grotesque environment!

Photo Credit: Behaviour | Dead by Daylight



The anniversary event also brings back special glowing Anniversary Crowns that appear in the game for either the killer or the survivors to claim and will stay with you for the whole match. The crowns will also be for keeps if you managed to survive the trial as a survivor or finish as a killer! 

Photo Credit: Behaviour | Dead by Daylight

The Anniversary Crowns will also be part of a community event where if the players meet certain goals the community will unlock special cosmetics!

Additionally, in the game Perks are special abilities and skills that help you survive or kill more effectively. Normally, each Survivor/Killer has perks that are unique to that specific character and can only be taught to others by spending a lot of bloodpoints.

However, the Shrine of Secrets features 4 random perks every week, from all characters from all the DLC/expansions which can be purchased by a rare currency called Iridescent Shards. Once these perks are purchased, players can teach these to their characters even if they don’t have the DLC attached to them.

Photo Credit: Behaviour | Dead by Daylight


During these next 15 days, the Shrine of Secrets will rotate perks daily, instead of weekly and perks will also cost almost 60% less!


Don’t have enough Iridescent Shards? If you log-in to Dead by Daylight, daily during the first 7 days of the event, you will receive a total of a whopping 9,000 Iridescent Shards per player. That’s enough for either 6 new perks or 1 new character!

Players will also receive a gobsmacking, 500,000 bloodpoints just for logging in for the first time during the event! By the way, Dead by Daylight is on sale in the ongoing Steam Summer Sale for just P299.97 at 40% discount!

So what are you waiting for now is the perfect time to get your dark christening from the Entity! Good luck and hope you survive (or kill them all)!


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