Onic Esports takes home the MSC 2019 championship!
Posted by cmsadminGG June 24, 2019

Onic Esports close out the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Cup 2019 as champions after an all Indonesian team finals.

The tournament started with 12 teams from nine countries. The teams were then drawn into four groups. It was here that the two squads from Indonesia, Onic Esports and Louvre Esports showed their strength. Both teams topped their respective groups and joined the Thai and Filipino champions, IDNS and ArkAngel, respectively, in the Playoffs’ Upper Bracket.

Onic Esports tore through IDNS in the Upper Bracket Semifinals. While ArkAngel pushed Louvre Esports to the full three games but in the end, the Indonesians came out on top. This dropped both IDNS and ArkAngel to the Lower Bracket and left the Indonesians to battle it out for a spot in the Grand Finals.

Louvre Esports took the first game in the Upper Bracket Finals but Onic Esports was unfazed and took the following two games to secure their Grand Finals berth. This, on the other hand, dropped Louvre Esports to the Lower Bracket. It was here that they faced ArkAngel once again.

After dropping to the Lower Bracket Finals, ArkAngel swept through the Singaporean champions, EVOS Esports SG and took down the Vietnamese champions, Overclockers in three games. The win against the Vietnamese was important for the hometown favorites especially after fellow Filipino squad, Bren Esports fell to them early on in the playoffs.

ArkAngel held on the best they could against Louvre Esports but just couldn’t take a game from the Indonesians in their second bout in the tournament. This set the all-Indonesian Grand Finals in motion.

Unlike the Upper Bracket Finals, Onic Esports were clearly in it to win it. They tore through their fellow Indonesians in three games. Each game looking more and more decisive. Onic closed out the series in 18 minutes and 30 seconds. While it took longer than the 11-minute Game 2, much of the late game of Game 3 was Onic Esports keeping Louvre Esports in their base as they kept the pressure up.

Onic Esports not only were crowned champions of MSC 2019, but they also took home a total of USD 68,102. While ArkAngel took home a total of USD 15,133 and Louvre Esports won a total of USD 30,267.

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