Our 2020 Gaming Resolutions!
Posted by Raphael Leynes January 31, 2020

As we all get ready for what looks to be another amazing year of gaming, the crew here at GG Network tried formulating some good ol’ gaming resolutions.

Whether it’s picking up a new game, finishing something from the backlog of shame or just plain maintaining the status quo, here are our 2020 New Year Gaming Resolutions:


(c) Valve

For me, I really need to buy less and play more. In the age of Steam sales and free games from Epic Game Store, there’s a boatload of games just sitting in my virtual library collecting virtual dust and it would be nice if I actually finish them, let alone play them.

Also, I have to finish Nier: Automata! I’ve already started on Route C and I’m so close to finishing all of this weird and awesome robot story. I definitely need to put some hours in to finish it.

That’s enough from me, now let’s hear from the team!


(c) Firaxis Games

Our head of content Degs is always all sorts of busy, from curating over our articles and videos to making sure the site and the various social media is running up to snuff, among other things.

As such in 2020 he’s resolving to a lot more time with his buds enjoying a game together:

“I want to start playing more with friends and ACTUALLY finishing a game of Civ V/Civ VI”

Man, a single game of Civilization is indeed a commitment but with how 2020 is starting out, learning how to build/rebuild society might just be a skill that’ll come in handy.


(c) From Software

Our newest contributing writer Paolo has one specific game that he wants to go back and finally conquer and it’s a toughie:

“I want to try finally beating Bloodborne because I’ve put off fighting Gehrman, the First Hunter (the final boss) for two years already! I don’t want to play the Old Hunters expansion until I beat Gehrman”

Go for it man! Beating a SoulsBourne game is quite the monumental task but you’re right at the finish line! Go over there and show that scythe-wielding old man what for.


(c) Best Techies

Our senior graphic artist and overall visual wizard, Basi also wants to play some games from his long standing backlog. However, he’s not just talking about any old games, he’s talking about all the best games in the past 10 years:

“Play all the greatest games of the past decade. BACKLOGS!”

That’ll be quite the undertaking but from what I know Basi’s super up to date with the hottest stuff so the list couldn’t be that long. Could it?!


Brian, our one-man video team and editing beast, takes a much more toned down approach to his gaming goals this year. You see, Brian is the type of guy who doesn’t like finishing games. He’s told me in casual conversation that he just moves on to the next thing when the time comes.

As such this year he’s finally come around:

“Gusto ko lang tumapos ng mga laro this year”

(Translation: “I just want to finish games this year”)

At the time of this reporting, he’s already finished Code Vein which is actually a pretty chunky one to get through. Proud of you, man!


@ deviantart.com/timbleweebs

And finally sometimes, having no resolution is a resolution in itself, as evidenced by our senior copywriter and master wordsmith Juabe:

“Wala akong resolution eh hahaha”

(Translation: “I don’t have a resolution hahaha”)

We’re right there with you man, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

What are your gaming-related resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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