Our 5 Favorite Friendships from Mortal Kombat Aftermath
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 01, 2020

Mortal Kombat 11’s newest expansion, MK Aftermath adds a ton of new content to NetherRealm’s grisly and hyper-violent fighting game. There’s the big definitive epilogue to the main story, new characters like Raijin and Robocop but perhaps the most important content of all are the returning kooky and goofy Friendships. 


We here at GG Network know that THIS is the content that you care about the most so here are our top 5 Favorite Friendships from Mortal Kombat: Aftermath



GIFs created from a video by MKIceandFire on Youtube

I like thinking about the design process they had for Jax’s Friendship and one of the guys just goes: I got it! What about this: “JAX…… ON THE SAX.” and then the board room just bursts into a round of applause. It’s actually very effective though, the solo he busts out is super catchy and he throws up a little bit of the OG Mortal Kombat theme before leaving us wanting for more. What a showman. It really gives the term “Jazz Hands” a new meaning doesn’t it?



GIFs created from a video by MKIceandFire on Youtube


Awww Sonya’s Friendship is a little game of fetch with her little drone buddy, how cute. That is until little droney brings back the lifeless corpse of the dude she just murdered. I thought Friendships were the happy fun time alternative to murder ED BOON, YOU LIAR. 


Cassie Cage

GIFs created from a video by MKIceandFire on Youtube

Nothing says Earthrealm millennial like taking selfies after a knock-down-drag-out fight to the death—and so, Cassie Cage is all too happy to oblige. She goes for the filters, the “salute wink”, the MATH MEME and the fan-favourite “Duckface‘”. You know what they say: “When you’re in Outworld, you gotta play the classics.” 



GIFs created from a video by MKIceandFire on Youtube


I don’t know about you but it just makes me really happy when I think about all the essential information and data that they plugged into Alex Murphy’s head to make the elite crime-fighting cyborg Robocop, and there’s a whole section of files labeled “sick dance moves”. I guess they should change the slogan to “To protect and you just got served”



GIFs created from a video by MKIceandFire on Youtube

Oh Spawn. This dude has been through a hell of a lot. He served in the military, died, got resurrected into an immortal demon warlock, lost his wife to his best friend,  got coerced into leading hell’s armies and then suddenly summoned to fight for the future of Earthrealm against the forces of Outworld. That being said, after a well-fought victory, there’s no need for a bloody, violent fatality, just let the man enjoy his Hell-themed romance novels in his cape hammock, please. The dude just really deserves some downtime.


What are your favorite Friendships from MK 11? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out  Local Co-op Games to Play with the Whole Family and How the Philippine Gaming Scene is Helping the fight against COVID-19!


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