Pacific Championship Series details officially announced!
Posted by cmsadminGG December 19, 2019

Riot Games has just officially announced the details of the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). The new League of Legends league in the region was unveiled around September but the company has just announced more about the league set to launch next year.

The PCS merges the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau League, League of Legends Master Series (LMS) and the Southeast Asian League, League of Legends Southeast Asia Tour (LST) and hopes to increase the level of competition in the region.

The inaugural season will comprise of 10 of the biggest teams in the region namely:

  • ahq eSports Club (Taiwan)
  • Alpha Esports (Taiwan)
  • J Team (Taiwan)
  • G-Rex Gaming (Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong Attitude (Hong Kong)
  • Resurgence (Singapore)
  • Liyab Esports (Philippines)
  • Nova Esports (Thailand)
  • Talon (Hong Kong)

The 10th and final team has yet to be announced.

As far as format goes, the teams will be playing in a best-of-one regular season with a double-elimination playoffs, which overall offers more games for fans and viewers.

Riot Games and FunPlus Esports are the co-organizers and operators with Garena as the publisher of the League of Legends in the region.

The PCS kicks off on February 8, 2020 with broadcasts available in English, Mandarin, and Thai.

Featured photo courtesy of nexus.leagueoflegends.com

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