PlayStation Plus Games for March 2020
Posted by Paolo Arciga February 28, 2020

The time has come again for PS Plus’s monthly offering of two free games. If you haven’t purchased a PS Plus subscription yet, you can get a 1-month subscription card at your favorite game store for around 500 to 600 pesos, or a 12-month subscription card at around the 2200 to 2500 peso range. 


Keep in mind that as long as you’re a PS Plus subscriber, any free game you download from PS Plus will remain playable in your library, meaning you don’t have to worry about downloading a game and having to finish it within a month. A 12-month subscription that’s even cheaper than today’s new releases will let you download a total of 24 free games, making the PS Plus subscription a sweet deal for any diehard PS4 players. 


Let’s take a look at the two free games that’ll be available on PS Plus this March.

The Shadow of the Colossus (2018)

The Shadow of the Colossus is a 2018 remake of the PS2 classic, and its developers Bluepoint and SIE Japan Studio were also in charge of the Shadow of the Colossus remaster for the PS3. With a development team that’s previously handled and familiarized themselves with the source material, the PS4 remake lives up to fans’ expectations and remains faithful to the original game while also upgrading the graphics and control scheme to fit current-gen standards.

The Shadow of the Colossus made its mark as a classic game during the PS2 generation with its innovative gameplay and storytelling. Taking down various fearsome colossi and piecing together sparse information from cutscenes and dialogue made for engaging gameplay despite the simplicity of the game’s core formula. The original Shadow of the Colossus has since inspired countless games, including the God of War series and even The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The 2018 remake of The Shadow of the Colossus is more than a remaster because its engine and assets were all remade from scratch. It is said to be the “definitive” version of the game with optimized controls and 4K-ready graphics, simply making improvements to the already great original game. The Shadow of the Colossus (2018) is a satisfying revamp made to please both fans of the original game, and new players experiencing the thrill of taking down one colossi after the other for the first time. This alone would make a 1-year PS Plus subscription well worth it. 

Sonic Forces

Video games in the Sonic franchise can be hit or miss, with some games taking the turn for the worse like Sonic Boom, and some just taking the turn for the downright weird like 2006’s Sonic the Hedgehog (aka the one where Sonic has a human girlfriend). With a mixed bag of releases under the Sonic franchise’s belt, fans have learned to temper their expectations with every new Sonic game.

Yes, they kiss. No, I will not be adding that image to this article. (Editor’s note: oh man)

In 2017, Sonic Forces was released to mixed critical reviews, but it found its place among fans as a fun new Sonic game that was worth playing. In Sonic Forces, Sonic gets kidnapped by Eggman, and it’s up to the player and Sonic’s friends to come to his rescue. The game features three playable characters: modern Sonic, classic Sonic, and the player’s very own custom character. The gameplay involves 3D platforming missions as well as 2D side-scrolling missions, with modern Sonic and the player’s custom character playable primarily in the 3D missions, and classic Sonic taking on the classic 2D side-scrolling action.


Sonic Forces’ strengths lie in its character creator and fun mix of 3D and 2D gameplay. In the character creator, you can choose from seven animal types each with unique abilities, and customize your character’s appearance as well as their equipped weapon (referred to as “Wispons” in the game). The customizability of the player character allows for more variety in gameplay, keeping the modern and classic Sonic sequences from feeling too repetitive.


While Sonic Forces does a lot to keep it a highly replayable experience, its short campaign time (averaging six hours per playthrough) can feel a little anticlimactic especially because of its grand plot. The player alongside Sonic and friends take on Eggman and his superpowered henchmen, and it seems to lead up to a huge climax in the form of a final showdown, but the game is just too short to let its plot properly simmer and build up to a satisfying ending. 

The good news is that Sonic Forces is free on PS Plus this March, which means you’ll be able to have all the fun with it without worrying about whether or not it was worth the purchase. At the low, low price of zero dollars, Sonic Forces is a short and fun ride where you get to be your own hero. Just be sure not to miss it as it’s only available on PS Plus this March. Gotta go fast. 

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