Relive Your Glory Days with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2
Posted by Paolo Arciga September 07, 2020

After the lukewarm release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 in 2015, fans of the series were left with little hope that a new THPS game would ever come out that could live up to their expectations and nostalgia for some of the series’ early entries. If an announcement was made for a 6th entry to the THPS series in the years that followed, it probably would have been met with skepticism rather than excitement. But what if instead of moving the series forward, Activision simply brought back a fan favorite or two for the current console generation?


It seems that an updated throwback was the right move for the series, because the initial announcement of the THPS1+2 remake was met with tons of hype and anticipation. Activision partnered with game studio Vicarious Visions, who in turn worked closely with former employees of Neversoft, the games’ original developer, in creating the remake. 


Now that the game is finally out, and if its great reviews from critics and fans are anything to go by, we can confidently call the series’ comeback a success. With completely redone graphics and the original games’ handling code still in the remake’s DNA, THPS1+2 gets the current-gen treatment while remaining faithful to the experience of the original games. In an official press release, the Birdman himself had this to say about the remake:



“I’m thankful for the quality and care that Activision and Vicarious Visions have put into the remaster to revive the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series in the best way possible,” said Tony Hawk. “For years, fans have asked me about bringing these games back, and I’m proud to say that we finally have a game that delivers on the expectations that nostalgic fans want, while inspiring a new generation to pick up a controller, and perhaps even a real skateboard.”



Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 brings together the first two games in the franchise in one package, and it features all the original games’ levels, skaters, and unique tricks. What’s new in the remake, aside from 4K support and updated visuals, are additions to the games’ original soundtracks as well as eight new skaters from today’s generation of skateboarders, including Lizzie Armanto and Aori Nishimura.



THPS1+2 also brings back the Create-A-Park and Create-A-Skater modes, with both of them featuring deeper customization and editing options than ever before. Now you can customize your skaters down to the smallest detail, and you can create parks more wacky and complex than you could in the original games. Another cool feature afforded by current-gen console power is that you can now share your created parks online with other players.



Speaking about creating the remake, Jen Oneal, who heads the studio at Vicarious Visions said in the game’s official press release: 


“Our number one priority with the remaster was to honor the legacy, handling and quality of the original games. Seeing and hearing fans around the world share their excitement and love for the Warehouse demo only confirms that we accomplished what we set out to do. At Vicarious Visions, we’re huge fans of the franchise and we can’t wait to play with fans. We hope they have as much fun playing the remaster as much as we did making it.” 



In celebration of the game’s launch, Activision partnered with Vans to recreate the iconic Warehouse level from the games, and you can check out the promotional video featuring the IRL Warehouse above. You can also check out some behind-the-scenes footage on the making of the warehouse as well as the process of shooting the promotional video below, in an upload from Vans’ official YouTube channel.



If you’re itching to get on your virtual skateboard to rack up a million points in tricks, you can get Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Games store. For future updates on the game, you can follow its official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages as well as its official YouTube channel.

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