Someone’s Attacking Jackbox Streamers on Twitch
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 28, 2020

Jackbox Party Packs are a fun and accessible collection of improv-based party games for upto 4-8 people. It’s biggest strength is its accessibility as anyone with a web-browser or mobile phone can join and play.  As such it’s a nice way for streamers to interact with and foster their community. However, as we’ve learned time and time again, people on the internet ruin nice things. 


(Disclaimer: This article deals with a heavy subject matter not for the faint of heart)


In the past month or so, there have been several incidents where Twitch streamers playing Jackbox Party Pack have had their community Discord channels—that they use to coordinate the game—bombarded by malicious, grotesque, and racist posts by a Discord user named Twitch.tv/Warlockobo. The user would gain access to the victim’s Discord Channel through the Twitch streams and subsequently post hate speech, racism, and 20+ pictures of gore, dismemberment, and genitalia while tagging everyone in the channel.  




“My encounter with the impersonator was curious in a single word” says a victim who wished to remain anonymous. “I was streaming Jackbox and received 4 follows in a row, each to the effect of “Warlock_Obo, Follow_Obo, Obo_Streams_Jackbox” and I called them out, telling them it was an intelligent way to shamelessly plug their channel (which is an element joked about on my channel a lot because I used to plug my channel after every game of OW)”


“Several minutes went by with no reply and my mods started telling me not to open the discord on screen, that there was an issue they were handling. It turns out a user named “Warlock OBO” was spamming pictures of gore in my only image allowed channel. I booted the imposter, revoked image rights across all channels, and went back to streaming.”


This writer also saw the malicious posting first hand when a Twitch friend’s Discord server was attacked while they were streaming Jackbox. The posts start with hate speech against black people tagging @everyone so that all the people in the server will be notified. What follows is a string of photos, individually uploaded, showing mutilations, lacerations, and other forms of gore and dismemberment and genitalia until they’re eventually banned from the server.


Identity Crisis


In our investigation, we had found that the alleged source of the posts, Twitch.tv/warlockobo was no longer available on the platform. We then found WarlockObo on Twitter where we discovered the pinned post on his page denouncing the posts and claiming that it was a chronic impersonator responsible for them. 



WarlockObo has also posted this video condemning the alleged impersonator.




When we reached out to WarlockObo he denied any involvement with the impersonator:


“I do not know the impersonator at all. He was a serial impersonator, doing this to tons of different streamers, but something I did (possibly mocking him, or my demeanor, or he’s jealous, I really don’t know) made him target almost exclusively me.”


WarlockObo went on to state that the impersonator targeted him due to an interaction gone awry on stream:


“Well the only contact I’ve had with him is that he’s come into my stream and taunted me, going so far as to send death threats. From my stream, I also insulted him, made fun of his appearance (I don’t actually know what he looks like), his lack of creativity in his trolling methods, and other things like that.”


We reached out to another victim of an impersonation featuring the same MO, Twitch streamer  RobSwitch and they had this to say:


“For a little over a year I’ve been trolled by a 30 year old man that uses the names Uniballer and Poolboy on twitch. I’m a Jackbox streamer for the most part, if you don’t know much about the game it requires audience participation through mobile or desktop. His main attacks have been using racist, homophobic, attacks about my spouse and children and generally harassing any other streamer that I would raid.”


RobSwitch has stated that Twitch had instituted shadow bans on the attacker which slowed them down for a bit until recently:


“A little over a month ago [his] attack changed. He ripped my logo off a search engine and would use my name and create [D]iscord accounts, go into strangers servers to post racist content, homophobic content, gore and pornography. The end result would be while I’m live, an angry community would come into my chat to tell me how horrible of a person I was.”


“I don’t condone the actions of this person. He does not represent me or what I’ve built with my name.”


Another victim Emiwlove has stated that the same thing has happened to her and that she was targeted through her Jackbox streams among other reasons:


“He targets Jackbox streamers specifically. If he gets a reaction from you, he leads into more personal attacks such as (in my case) claiming he was going to hunt me down and rape me. In other cases, he goes to full-on impersonation to ruin a streamers reputation.”


Sources have pointed to a certain “Eric” to be allegedly responsible for the attacks. One source has disclosed that this individual has also harassed them for years, stalking them and sending threatening messages and the like. However, despite several first hand statements, as of the moment there is still no substantial evidence that the individual is truly behind the attacks.


We’ve reached out to Discord for comment on the matter but they have yet to respond.


Beware, Be Aware


One thing is for certain at this point, the attacker is targeting streamers playing Jackbox Party Pack as an easy means to infiltrate Discord servers and spread hate speech and traumatizing photos. If you are a content creator who streams or plans to stream Jackbox games, take the utmost care and precaution when doing so.


Be wary of suspicious accounts that follow your channel. The attacks usually start with a burst of strangely-named accounts following your channel. Immediately be cautious in interacting with these accounts to prevent from aggravating the situation.


Have your mod team vigilantly monitor your Discord for any untoward posts during and after your stream when suspicious new users join. If any pop up nip them in the bud before doing their damage. Subsequently, block and report the poster. 


Ramp up your security. You’ll have to remain vigilant to combat these and other types of attacks. As a streamer, it is your job as the leader of your community to keep them safe online. Emiwlove recommends:  “Increase the security measures for your discord servers, and use a VPN to stream. If you stream Jackbox and don’t want to stop, turn off all your alerts and have a handful of mods in the chat.”


Don’t engage with troll accounts. These types of  people feed voraciously on attention. If you don’t pay them any mind, they will not have power over you. A source discloses:  “Most trolls feed on attention. Diffuse the situation, and resume your online persona for your audience as comfortably and quickly as possible to not give the troll any extra juice”


Gather evidence. RobSwitch recommends: “When it happens take screenshots despite how gross it may be.” Any and all evidence regarding this matter can help to protect you if and when a legal case can be made. 


If it happens to you, properly communicate the situation: If you are impersonated and other victims come forward to demand an explanation, talk to them calmly and cautiously. Relay the situation to them and ask for their understanding.


RobSwitch advises: “When a community wants to know why you would post things of that nature in their discord be kind ask to speak with the server owner directly share info that you have provide your real discord id number”


RobSwitch also recommends using social media to communicate what’s going on: Become vocal on your social media when the attacks happen. Most streamers that have come to confront me directly have checked out my twitter before engaging with me. Create a clip while your <sic> live and have it pinned to your twitter with a simple title about the issue.”


We’ll be updating this article as new information comes to light.


If you or anyone you know has been a victim or have any information on these please contact GGNetwork.TV. There is also a subreddit that compiles evidence regarding the matter. WARNING: the subreddit will lead to screenshots of the actual attacks. They are very graphic and not for the faint of heart.


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