Sunsparks Crowned as MPL-PH Season 5 Champions
Posted by Yuri Mangahas June 01, 2020

After a grueling two-hour battle against ONIC PH, Sunsparks comes out of the rubble as the victors of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League’s fifth season. This marked the second time the championship landed on Sunsparks’ hands, paving the way for a new dynasty in the history of the league.


A Battle of Cataclysmic Proportions

ONIC PH displayed efficient map control over Sunsparks at the beginning of Game 1, as the boys of black and yellow prevented their adversaries from achieving an early game spike. A timely kill from Killuash, however, provides Sunsparks the momentum it needs to limit ONIC’s command of the map. Kielvj also made use of his Kaja to great effect, enabling Jaypee, Greed, and Killuash to dish out important kills on ONIC’s ranks. However, ONIC isn’t an adversary to be trifled with easily. OhMyV33NUS led the charge against the champs by snowballing Cecilion to his peak, allowing the tactical prodigy to snuff the frontliners of Sunsparks successively. With the tables turned against the blue-clad team, ONIC becomes the aggressor and destroys Sunsparks’ core to take Game 1.


Jaypee ‘s Bruno serves as the core of Sunsparks’ offense for Game 1.


Realizing what needs to be done, Sunsparks moves to deny OhMyV33NUS of his comfort picks and fields a team-centric draft to even the series in Game 2. The defending champs employ tacit rotations to carry out pick-offs and choke out the Season 4 runner-ups of their resources. OhMyV33NUS’ Pharsa manages to halt Sunsparks’ momentum with a well-timed Feathered Airstrike, but the blue-clad team maintained composure and delivered priority kills on Wise, Jay, and Dlar to prevent any counterattacks and clear the way for a Lord kill. ONIC plays it by ear and switches up to a game of attrition to exhaust Sunsparks. However, Sunsparks smells blood and uses a massive Lord diversion to break through ONIC’s inhibitors and take Game 2 by storm.


Chou lands a kill on Dlar’s X.Borg to prevent the latter from picking off the rest of Sunsparks.


With both Thamuz and Chou off the boards, Sunsparks fields Khufra and Kaja to force team fights and immobilize ONIC’s movement-based heroes, while Kielvj maintains control of Kimmy to solidify the team’s offense. Jay’s Selena, however, tries to mitigate Kimmy’s power spike by stealing the Turtle kill off Sunsparks’ hands, knowing that the defending champs’ winning condition lies with the hybrid marksman.


It was Rafflesia’s Khufra that enabled Kielvj’s Kimmy to snowball at the laning phase of the game.


Having read through Sunsparks’ objectives, ONIC shaves the former’s bottom turrets to distract the champs. Sunsparks breaks through the top and bottom lanes and lands a Lord kill, but Jay wipes out the blue-clad team’s attackers to buy time for ONIC. Having slowed down Sunsparks’ assault, Dlar forces the champs to commit a team kill, allowing ONIC to secure an enhanced Lord kill and clear their adversaries’ middle lane. Not wanting to let their adversaries capitalize, the boys in black and blue swiftly march to ONIC’s base and win their match point in the series.


Kielvj pilots Kimmy for three games straight in the series.


Latching on to momentum, Sunsparks outdrafts ONIC and fields a well-rounded team led by Khufra and Kimmy to mitigate the runner-ups’ presence on the battlefield. Moreover, the defending champs make it their prime objective to deny Wise’s Hanzo of his power spike, realizing the danger the hero presents to Kimmy. However, the gods of macro opt for HP-based items to sustain their defenses and push Sunsparks to its base. Relentless on their way to victory, Sunsparks slays the Luminous Lord and mounts enormous pressure on ONIC’s inhibitors, clearing the top lane and summoning waves of mega minions to the runner-ups’ base.


The objective of Greed’s Natalia is simple: To repel any disruptions to Kimmy’s power spike.


Clinging to desperation, ONIC tries every attempt it has to take the Level 2 Lord from Sunsparks’ hands, but the boys in blue destroy all of ONIC’s inhibitors, leaving the runner-ups preoccupied with massive waves of mega minions. After a wild confrontation at the Lord pit, Greed slips through ONIC’s defenses and destroys the latter’s core, ending the match decisively in Sunsparks’ favor.


Perhaps the best clutch move in the series, Greed’s Natalia slips through ONIC’s defenses after a scuffle at the Lord pit to earn Sunsparks its second championship title.


A Battle Written by Destiny

The members of Sunsparks jubilate after a hard-fought victory over their rivals.


ONIC’s journey to the grand final isn’t a smooth one, to say the least. After losing its spot in the upper bracket, ONIC had to contend against the likes of SGD Omega, Execration, and even Bren Esports. It was the team’s plethora of macro skills and tactics that led them to the destined battle.

Sunsparks, on the other hand, seemed primed at best to defend the crown against all challengers. Having taken out its sister team in Bren, the champs had the advantage they need to face their Season 4 nemesis. ONIC may have matured following their loss last year, but little did they realize that they are facing a stronger iteration of their blue-clad rivals.

Make no mistake, Sunsparks’ dynasty is just beginning, and a new story is being written in the annals of the league.

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