The Best Skin in the Overwatch Lunar New Year 2021 Event is For an NPC
Posted by Raphael Leynes February 12, 2021

This year’s iteration of Overwatch’s annual Lunar New Year event features a ton of cool and interesting stuff. There’s a completely new game mode, weekly challenges, player icons sprays, and of course, awesome, amazing, new skins for all our favorite heroes.

Check out the trailer here:


But let’s be honest, the best new thing in the whole event is this new Tiger skin for Ashe’s ultimate summon B.O.B.: 



Yes, the best new skin in the game right now is a skin for a character that we don’t even get to play as. We can just ogle at it longingly from the customization screen or if we’re lucky, catch a glimpse of it charging off to battle before we get wiped out by a Widowmaker that really shouldn’t be trying so hard in Quick Play. We’ll never be able to experience the raw, primal satisfaction of mowing down foes knowing that you did so in a BADASS MECHA TIGER SKIN. We can only watch from a distance as a third party observer. 


Luckily, there are other cool things that come with this year’s Lunar New Year to fill the aching Tiger-shaped hole in all our hearts. There’s the brand new Brawl game mode called Bounty Hunter where the player who scores the first kill of the match becomes a Target and everyone else becomes a Bounty Hunter. When the Target is killed, the player who dealt the final blow becomes the new Target. Bounty Hunter will become part of the standard Arcade rotation after Lunar New Year.



There’s also the return of Weekly Challenges which allow you to unlock limited-time rewards by winning nine games each week. The rewards include an array of player icons, sprays, and Epic skins such as:


 Terracotta Medic Baptiste for Week 1


 Xiake McCree for Week 2


Imperial Guard Reaper for Week 3


Of course, there’s also the 5 new Legendary skins available through loot boxes:


 Bull Demon Orisa



 Dragonfire Bastion


 Kkachi Echo



  Pale Serpent Widowmaker




and, Tiger Huntress Ashe which has the prize that we so desperately crave and yearn for.



Let the fireworks to begin! Celebrate the Year of the Ox with family, friends, and teammates! Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2021 event is now live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Don’t forget to log in from February 5 through February 26 to strengthen your cosmetic collection!

Also, BlizzCon is fast approaching! Stay updated and watch it online for FREE at BlizzCon.com

Happy Year of the Ox! But if we’re being honest, our hearts are celebrating the Year of the Tiger.


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