The World of Adorable Home is a Utopia that Runs on Love and We Have Questions
Posted by Raphael Leynes March 06, 2020

In Adorable Home, there is no war, no crime, and no famine. There is only you, your partner and your twelve cats going through life on a quest to build the perfect adorable home.


At the center of this Utopian society is it’s single greatest scientific and cultural achievement: a system that effectively quantifies the feeling of love and converts it into an actual functioning currency.



That’s right, in the world of Adorable Home, that loving feeling that you get from petting your cat or welcoming your partner home from work can be used to buy a new couch or a coffee table. That warm satisfaction you get when you watch tv can be used to buy groceries for your whole family. And if you catch enough fireflies, all that fun that you just had can be used to pay contractors to renovate your backyard or make an entirely new floor for your house.



Love is everywhere in Adorable Home and it quite literally makes the world go round. 


Make Love Not War


It’s clear that this is the ideal society that we should adhere to. Not just because of its renewable, sustainably-sourced currency but also because of its ethics-based class system that rewards the good and punishes the bad. Those who are well-loved, who are also presumably those who’ve done the most good in the world, are the wealthiest and sit atop the ruling class making sure that the Adorable World is led by those who are just and kind. While on the other end, those who are hated, presumably the most villainous and untoward scum of the earth, are also the poorest, with little opportunities and resources to enact their vile will on their fellow man. 


This structure is also an effective system of reform as those who wish to shed their evil ways are instantly gratified to do so, showing love to another instantly gives you food to eat and roof over your head. Eventually, those who are hated and vilified will inevitably see that the path of moral and societal good is the best path to take if you want to have a better life. 


Adorable Mirror



As with any depiction of utopian society, if you poke around in its darkest crevices, ugly un-adorable cracks start to show. Cracks like:


 What happens if you’re not loved?

If the hated are poor and have nothing does that lead to depression and other mental health concerns? Living conditions for the urban poor in the Adorable Society—having nothing and having no one loving you—opens up the door to some serious mental health issues. In order for the society to succeed they have to channel a lot of their love currency into making a robust and rock solid healthcare system, one that takes the issue of mental health very seriously. The alternative is having a small group of radical, desperate individuals with nothing to lose run amuck in society and we know what’s coming when that happens. 


We all watched Joker, we know.



Does the system only count genuine love?


Does love have to be genuine for it to be considered legal tender? Or does paper-thin courtesies and pleasant facades suffice to gather love? Does Adorable Home live in a Black Mirror-esque world where everyone has to be fake nice to each other just to move up in the world?


Why does traditional money still exist? 


In a screenshot that we uncovered, despite having a sustainable currency, traditional money in the form of coins, evidently, still exists. Are these just remnants of the old world that people have as keepsakes to reminisce about the archaic way they did things? 


Do they still have value somehow? Like it can be used as payment in combination with love? Is Love just some sort of adorable cryptocurrency?


This all builds up to probably the most baffling question of all:


Why is my partner going to work if everything can be bought with love?

If love can be used to buy all manner of goods and services in this world then why does my partner go off to work every day? Are they also earning love at some sort of love factory where they pet cats and watch TV all day? If so then where is the additional income? On average, they come home after work giving you 200 love while my stay-at-home butt can churn out a daily sum of at least 2400 love just from feeding and grooming the cats and catching weird fireflies in the backyard. Do they have another house that they run off to in the day? Maybe that’s where the love goes, what if they…



“You unlock this door with the key of the internet. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of video games, a dimension of geek culture, a dimension of cats. You’re moving into a land of overpowered abilites and reforged failures, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into… GG Network.”


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