Trese Brings The Kambal, Laman Lupa, and the Santelmo to Brawl Quest!
Posted by Raphael Leynes May 31, 2021

Alexandra Trese, the protagonist of the hit Philippine comic Trese, is set to make a big splash in the pop culture world this month, thanks to the arrival of its much-anticipated anime adaptation to Netflix on June 11. However, curious new fans looking for sneak peeak of what Trese is all about or devout members of the T-gang (no lies, this is what the fandom is called) who are interested to consume more non-comic Trese content are in for a treat because Trese has arrived to ThinkBit Games’ mobile beat-em-up gacha game Brawl Quest.


The Brawl Quest iteration of Trese is arguably the cutest version of our favorite Babaylan-Mandirigma, as she’s fully interpreted in the game’s signature chibi art style. She attacks with her iconic kris, Sinag, has an air dash where she calls forth the power of the Santelmo fire spirit; and has a charge attack that summons the most adorable Laman Lupa we’ve ever seen to slam the ground and damage foes around them.


Trese’s Burst Attack, the game’s equivalent of an ultimate ability, sees her summon otherworldly enforcers The Kambal  (or The Twins as they are known in game) as they pepper all adjacent enemies with bullets. The Kambal will also stick around for an extended time after the Burst Attack is finished and fight alongside their Boss.

Trese is the latest local comic creation to be featured in Brawl Quest, a game filled to the brim with Ffilipino pop culture references like Chowkat, a play on local fastfood chain; The Mayor, who bears resemblance to a popular celebrity politician and enemies that take after several late-80’s action movie stunt people. Brawl Quest, has also featured characters from other popular filipino web comic creators such as Hunghang Flashbacks, SSKAIT and Little Things PH.


Speaking to Lord Christian Gosingtian, Director and Co-founder of ThinkBit Games, he stated that supporting and featuring local artists and creators in Brawl Quest, was something that he and his team was keen on doing even very early on in their development cycle.


“Back when we were developing Brawl Quest, we came up with the idea of collaborating with different local creators and bring them to life into our game!  We noticed that other bigger games were doing it quite often in the mobile game space so we thought why won’t we do it as well with homegrown IP!”


Gosingtian stated that they reached out to creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo in 2019, during the game’s early access period, and started talking.  Gosingtian also stated that they had enjoyed working together and there was a lot of creative input and collaboration making Baldisimo and Tan very involved in the whole process:


“It was pretty fun working with them! Of course we had to do our part of doing research, reading the source material, and coordinating and having them proof the dialog of the story, the moves, the art, etc.  We gave them the freedom of creating keyframes for the moves of Trese then we’d render and animate them into the game, doing minor tweaks along the way to fit the game’s design. “


“Kajo is actually quite meticulous when it came to checking our work!  One of our initial drafts of Trese only had 6 buttons on her coat, which he quickly took notice of and called out that it should show 8 buttons instead.“



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ThinkBit Games is currently working on introducing a new Tag Battle game mode to Brawl Quest and finishing up the main story of the main game. While they refrained from disclosing any future collaborations Gosingtian stated that they are definitely open to work with other local IP. Interested collaborators may contact Gosingtian at lord@thinkbitsolutions.com


Trese is live on Brawl Quest right now in the Case #13 event where you can earn Trese Caps to play as the Sixth Child of the Sixth Child. You can also purchase Trese via 20,000 gold or 199 PHP on the Brawl Quest Premium Store. You can download Brawl Quest for free on iOS and Android.

Trese is written by Budjette Tan with art by Kajo Baldisimo and is available via Avenida Books. The anime adaptation of Trese is directed by Jay Oliva and will release on Netflix on June 11, 2021

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