Valorant Patch 1.04 Brings Huge Buffs to Viper
Posted by Christer de Guia July 22, 2020

Riot Games has recently released a minor 1.2GB patch for their growing first-person shooter Valorant that aims to shake things up a bit on the battlefield.


On to this patch. Cypher, Raze, Brimstone, and Viper get some adjustments, with Viper coming away with a series of buffs, including a per second increase of her decay against enemies.


Check out what’s inside the latest patch:

Sweet summary of Patch 1.04 / Image: Riot Games
Sweet summary of Patch 1.04 / Image: Riot Games




Viper’s Pit

Max time outside of her ult before it collapses changed from 5 to 12 seconds

Viper can hold the ability key to drop her ult early

Enemies in Viper’s Pit have their minimap obscured and do not provide minimap detection to their allies

Increased the brightness of the red enemy glow at the edge of Viper’s near-sight


Valorant Team Notes: With Viper being allowed out of her ult for such a short period of time, we felt that she was not only limited in the plays she could make, but also gave too much continuous information to her enemies. The ability to move outside the ult smoke more freely should provide some new and interesting mind games for Viper to play—and hopefully puts the strategic pressure back on the enemy. The other improvements should push Viper’s advantage in her own smoke and help her avoid getting traded by enemies using minimap vision to target her.



Enemy decay per second increased from 10 to 15 from all sources.

After exiting Viper’s smoke, enemy decay sustains for 2.5 seconds before starting to fade


Valorant Team Notes: Viper’s decay depleting so quickly from enemies was limiting the advantage it provided and wasn’t creating the threat we had hoped for as a result. Adding a delay before it fades will hopefully widen the window where Viper and her team can capitalize and pair with the Viper’s Pit updates (above) to provide fresh ways to play around her ult.



Having both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen active does not consume additional fuel beyond the cost of having one active


Valorant Team Notes: The reduction in total uptime when both her vision blockers were active was making it difficult for Viper to use both tools together. Since Viper’s smoke has so much commitment and makes up so much of her kit, we want to free her to use them in tandem to create powerful options for her team to take sites.



Showstopper ultimate Cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points

Valorant Team Notes: Raze’s ultimate is one of the most impactful in the game and useful in almost any situation.  As a result, it is being used a bit too often. So we’re upping the cost by 1, which should help reduce how often players have to face her Showstopper.



Orbital Strike ultimate cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points

Valorant Team Notes: Much like Raze’s Ultimate, Brimstone’s Ult is very impactful and useful in a wide variety of situations.  We feel like it was impacting rounds a little too frequently, so decided to up the cost slightly.


Stim Beacon no longer Buffs enemies and no longer shows its effect radius to enemies

Valorant Team Notes: The Stim beacon is meant to be a pretty situational ability but we felt that revealing Brimstone’s location and having the potential to accidentally buff enemies was making this ability significantly weaker than we’d like. 


Brimstone’s Arms Fidelity

Valorant Team Notes: When you really think about an FPS, you’ll notice you spend an awful amount of time looking at your arms…like all the time. Before launch, we intended to increase the fidelity of Brimstone’s arms to match the overall quality of the game. We did it—now look at those guns!



Cyber Cage can now be picked up during the buy phase





Valorant Team Notes: The Classic right-click was the primary bug fix here, but we saw an opportunity to make the weapon behave a bit more consistently. We slightly tuned efficacy of jump right-clicks, but (hopefully) haven’t taken away their viability in close-range scenarios


Fixed bug where running inaccuracy on the right-click was much higher than intended

Fixed bug where jumping had no inaccuracy penalty

Running spread is changed from 3.4 to 2.1

Jumping spread changed from 1.9 to 2.3

Walking spread changed from 1.9 to 1.95

Added a 10% bonus to accuracy when crouching and stationary



Replaced the previous Weapon Stats textbox in the pre-round shop with an easier-to-compare graphical representation of stats



Observer minimap vision cones are now colored by team

Replaced Reyna’s Voice Over for Italian and Mexican


Riot Games Notes: Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the talents we identified for the role were not able to record due to regional restrictions. You can now find in-game, the voices we originally intended for Italian and Mexican Reyna!




Adjusted the volume on the Elderflame Operator equip animation

Fixed bug that would cause the volume to stack if you spam equipped the Operator

Enemy footsteps duck cosmetic bus properly (This means that enemy footsteps will always lower the volume of the skin sound effects that are not important to gameplay, like the flame whooshes, dragon roar, etc. )

Elderflame Melee inspect animation now has sound effects for level 1 and 2



Gun pickup targeting and Sage Ultimate targeting unified with ally character highlights, saving VRam and GPU performance

Minor rendering performance fixes

Gun skin upgrade videos are now streamed instead of locally stored, reduced install size by 380MB



Fixed requirement for Reyna to look at Soul Orbs to activate them and maintain her healing, behavior should match that of patch 1.02

Fixed one-way Brimstone smokes when the player’s camera was around the top of the smoke

Fixed Breach’s Aftershock not properly applying damage to all characters if multiple are hit by it

Fixed jittering when reaching the max flight height of Sova’s drone

Fixed Marshall bug where the weapon maintained accuracy while walking

Fixed issues with some translucency effects being one frame behind (such as Jett’s dash, when used by the player)

Fixed ally highlights not showing up on some AMD GPUs when using MSAA, and some Intel GPUs

Fixed a bug where loading screens did not cover the entire screen when playing in certain resolution/aspect ratio combinations

Shortened the text on the photosensitivity warning screen

Fixed a bug where the “equip” button would stay greyed out when purchasing a skin variant that is being previewed

Fixed Brimstone smokes on Haven spawning offset of where intended

Fixed a typo in Brimstone’s biography



What do you guys think of the current patch? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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